“Teevee the Marketer” Reviews

Are you curious what others have said about working with me? After being around since 2009 and helping hundreds of small businesses in that span, I have collected a ton of reviews.

Most of my reviews live on Yelp under my older brand: Dallas Marketing Rockstar. Go ahead, Google me.

My new personal brand, Teevee the Marketer, is gaining traction because it is easier to remember . But in the process I had to create new brand pages and listings on Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

Below I have included links to both groups of Yelp reviews.

I used to have almost 50, but because Yelp is Yelp and they’re kinda shady… many of them got filtered.

Over the course of the years more and more of my reviews got filtered or “NOT RECOMMENDED” as they kindly worded it. 

Their algorithm seems to think that they may be fake. Trust me they’re not. Those are real human being leaving real reviews.

My clients love me and I love them. 

Yelp Reviews
Filtered Reviews

But Wait! There’s More!

Here are a few screenshots of Facebook Reviews from my Dallas Marketing Rockstar business page.

Click the links and go read them for yourself. Then come back and fill out the application to work together.

Helping my clients build a sustainable marketing plan that gives them peace of mind is what I am to do.

Let’s work together.

Teevee the Marketer
Dallas Marketing Rockstar

“Helping my clients grow their business is my top priority and something I take personally”

–  Teevee Aguirre
Speaking in the 3rd Person


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