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Imagine being a small business owner 10-20 years ago. Hell, even 5 years ago!

Then imagine having one of the most powerful platforms in the world at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad formats of that bygone era.

Facebook Ads.

In the hands of the average user, it’s a waste of money that pulls in little to NO ROI.

But in the hands of a professional who can help you craft your message and audience… well it becomes POWERFUL!

facebook-audience-definitionFacebook allows you to advertise to married males, who live in 75214 zip code, with a home value of 250,000, children in the house, and a net worth of $250,000.

Yes, just like that!

Facebook made it an objective to go head to head with Youtube & Facebook as early as 2013

Read more here if this type of geeky stuff  interests you too.

They have made it their mission to topple TV advertising as well and show no signs of failing. They are giving us the tools to compete with television, radio, and billboard.

Unlike those methods, Facebook can help you track your ROI and overall effectiveness.

The craziest thing is they quite literally are a toddler in the advertising space (if Facebook ads were a human being, follow the analogy )

Facebook Ads allow you t reach all of the people who matter to you. Facebook has unparalleled targeted reach.

Through Facebook ad you can target your market and ideal client on the most engaging digital real estate, which is Facebook’s News Feed.

Facebook Ad Agency in Dallas

They are on a mission knock off Youtube as the king of video… and they are gaining traction. Facebook video ads are so cheap it just stupid!

I realize there are reports of people saying that Facebook ads is not worth it and just a scam.

I don’t know these individuals, but my educated guess is that they were not targeting properly. Simple as that.

But enough  guessing, click on the link below to apply to work with us and discuss your business goals and how we can make them a reality.

Putting together Youtube Ads and you have dynamite.

I know I am going completely crazy about Facebook ads. They work.

However, if you are in a market where people are actively searching for your service like: Houston Divorce Attorney… then Google Ads/PPC work!

This is going to sound cliche, but it is the closest thing to printing money. I have helped build several businesses simply by leveraging Google Advertising strategically.

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