AI_Teevee_The_Marketer Speaks on the Future of AI in Local Marketing

I’ve been spending the last month immersing myself in all things AI.
The future is about to get crazy… very much like the present. Who are we kidding?
But it is about to resemble the wild-wild west of the early internet days.
There are still many questions to be answered and many more questions to be asked. We don’t know what we don’t know.
But AI is here- and has been here for years. We have been using it without even realizing it.
The biggest difference is that we, regular folks, now have access to it and have lost our minds. Rightfully so.
What has become clear to me is that STRATEGY and PROCESSES will be what truly separates the average user from the elite marketers and business owners.
Many people are just throwing trash questions into ChatGPT and getting trash out.
AI is a tool. A powerful tool.
Here’s a thought exercise:
I have access to many of the same ingredients and tools that Gordon Ramsay has in his kitchen.
Guess what I will never be able to produce?
A Gordon Ramsay dish with his flair and taste.
My girlfriend went to culinary school and took it a step further.
She said that everyone in her class would receive the same ingredients and THE EXACT SAME RECIPE.
But every single person would have a different dish. No two would be the same.
That blew my mind.
I imagine my mind will continue to be blown up every day from here on out.
I have maintained my agency small (but powerful) by design. AI will ensure that this remains true while still producing results for my clients.
Anyone can push buttons. Few can develop effective strategies.
By the way, I wrote all this by hand.
Just me. But this audio is not me. This is AI_Teevee_Beta.