Chef asks Teevee All the Questions to Grow Business and Brand

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Hello and welcome back to a new season of the Teevee Marketing Podcast.

I’m experimenting with a new format where I invite a business owner to ask me anything and everything they would like to know about growing their business.

In today’s episode Tenacious T, a chef from TastebyTosh, asks me a ton of questions about growing her business.

I give the most up-to-date strategies that I am leveraging right now for my own top-paying clients.

Free game. Listen in. Take notes. Steal like an artist.

Welcome everyone to, um, what is this to my Facebook live, where I invited tenacious T I have a hard time calling her by her given name, which I believe is Tosh because a good friend and business owners, she runs, tastes by Tosh. Uh, feel free to give me a couple of minutes. Uh, what is taste by Tosh so people can know. So it actually started out with me just humbly asking people for business, like, Hey, I know how to. I can do your meal, preps and meal prep was not moving the way that I wanted it to move, but other people started to ask, well, what about catering? And I’m like, oh, okay. I can do your small party. And then it kind of move into like niche caterings. So, you know, you and I both are in the same dance circles. So it like morphed into doing some catering for, um, small festivals, admin. Um, and now it’s boomeranging back to meal prep. So now I’m starting to get more people here and they’re wanting me to do meal prep for like, for their parents. They had, uh, someone who needed like something specific. Um, some, some seniors, uh, who are on a specific diet. So yeah, I’m catering for small events meal. Prep is the mission. And if you’re nice to me, I can do some desserts and other things too. Um, and I’m always open to some conversations because I can do a lot of different things. Fantastic. Um, which is perfect. You’re a small business owner, um, looking to expand and, uh, which is the reason that I reached out to you. It occurred to me that, well, I’m giving you the principle that the premise behind this interview and do these more often, which is bring on a business owner, answer their questions, basically give a consultation and through the process of that answering other people’s questions, because one person has questions in variably is the same question that many other people have. Um, So I serve you. I serve the greater community, uh, anybody that watches this video, but on top of that, and this is the big lesson that I wanted to give everyone, the big idea is this helps create content because it’s very difficult for people to sit down and think of ideas to write, what am I going to write about? What am I going to do? And the internet on your marketing depends on the content that you create. Um, w what better way to create it than through the questions that someone is asking you live? I actually do this for a handful of clients. They record one or two. Some, I got one guy that sometimes records like five Facebook lives every week. He brings on people. Um, he’s an attorney, so people are asking him questions and he he’s basically giving all this free advice. I then grab that video and we chop it. We create, uh, 2, 3, 4 minute videos, and then we create reels essentially. Um, and, and we can dig into it. I wanted to give the basic premise and why I’m doing this one is to serve. And two is self-serving and that I will also get more content that I can hand to my team, chop it up into little pieces and put it out into the internet. Then that’s the strategy. You don’t it’s, it’s hard for me to, to sit down and create content. Uh, and right now they don’t want it to be perfect. So quick story about Tosh. About a year ago, I asked her, I said, do you have any questions? And she said, yes, she has all the time. She gave me like 20 questions and I started to create videos around these question, but then the perfectionist in me started to write scripts and started it became nightmare to actually put together and put out. This is going to be much easier. I wasn’t even nervous as I was telling you Tosh before this call, before any live, I’m typically nervous, even though I think I’m pretty good at it. I think I know my stuff, but I get nervous because I had to create basically a bunch of ideas around the content and what I’m going to talk about. But knowing that you’re going to ask me the questions. I can talk about it, right? And this, I think is a phenomenon that we need to leverage as individual business owners. If somebody asks you a question about your business, you can probably talk about it. But if you put a camera in front of you and you’re like, now talk about it on your own. You have to sit there and like, come up with the script and the idea that’s a little more involved. This allows us to create content quickly. And then if it, depending on how long it is, every question to be its own video. Right, right. But that’s, that’s, that’s the basic premise. And you see these on the reels and tickets. Um, we’ll talk about it more in depth in a second, but then you can chop them up into one minute 32nd clips that you can then post on all your, all your social media platforms. That’s why you make the big marks. And I wash the lettuce, this, okay. Hey, so the nexus, tell me what you got for me. What questions can I answer for you? I have a total of 37 questions now. It’s more like 19. Um, I am, and I actually have a question from someone within the dance community, a question straight out of Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. They want me to start with that women wherever you want. It’s it’s definitely, um, it’s irrelevant. Just go. Let’s go. Cool. So Cindy out of Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, she was, um, curious to know if you had any suggestions about the best ways to advertise and promote dance events. And I would also add to that specifically, um, when your community is small. Okay. Uh, how to promote, to promote dance events, especially if your community is small, that’s going to be tough depending on how small the community is, because there’s just a reality to it all geographically speaking, depending on the population of where you’re at, that you’re really going to be. Uh, as to how many people you can expose to your dance event, your message, and actually pull from. Does that make sense? Whereas DFW has a few million people, we have a lot of people that we can pull into the community. That’s a big pool of people. Um, and Oklahoma, Oklahoma city, you have to take into account how many people are there. I’m sure it’s, it’s, it’s not the smallest city. I’ve talked to someone who had like maybe a hundred thousand people in their, in their town. That’s hard, right? Because not everyone’s even going to be interested in dance, much less. That style kizomba, right and urban kiz. Uh, cause I know obviously for people watching this, my best recommendation is to, and it’s going to be hard as the best you can do, given the reality of your circumstance, which is run ads and promote. Almost a hundred percent of what I’m going to talk about is going to either is going to involve running ads and promoting if you believe in what you’re offering. And if you believe in the service that you have, and you’re going to make money from it, you should be investing in advertising. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money if you don’t have a whole lot of money, but you should be investing in advertising. I am of the absolute belief that even if it, if you want to go out and shake a thousand people’s hands in one day, that’s going to be virtually impossible or at least show your face to a thousand people on Facebook. You can, you can pretty much show your face to a thousand people for a few bucks a day. That’s why I promote advertising because it gives you the greatest amount of reach and the greatest amount of exposure to get your message in front of as many people as possible, efficiently and effectively. Um, so that’s what I would recommend. And it’s probably gonna be kind of the answer for a lot of these. Recommend advertising because you can’t meet enough people fast enough. And I would recommend, and I’m sure she’s an advertising. We’ll help you do this advertise to a pool of people outside of your city, whatever surrounding cities you have. Um, you can do your city plus 25 miles, how far out, but people be willing to drive. Um, if you know, you’re doing something that people would try to in our dance community, we do drive some distances. We even drive across states, state lines sometimes right, where we fly across the country, depending on what you’re putting on. Um, so I would recommend advertising and making sure that you can stretch out the, the range of the radius of that ad outside of 25, 30, 50 miles, depending on what you feel people would be willing to drive to, because then that gives you an awesome, a bigger pool of people that you can promote your, your event and your, um, your content. That’s my top recommendation. Um, and just continue to do it. The other big piece of that is don’t just do it once, because essentially you have to bring them wash people. You have to remind them over and over again that you exist and you have a certain product or service to offer. And over time people don’t make a decision like that. Very few people do, they need to be introduced to it. And then you think about it and either research it, then they land, man. Um, so it was going to take time, but the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start seeing results with that. Would you say that there would be a difference in marketing across different, different dance genres, because the way salsa dancers move and come to events versus kizomba or urban kiz might differ. I was just curious about that. Uh, yes, you would. I would create con if you’re trying to reach across different dance genres, then you need to create content. Uh, an ad of some sort that speaks to them and tries to introduce them. Dancers love to dance. Yes, it’s different, but it doesn’t mean that they may not want to dance, but you need to speak their language. You need to talk to them. In my case on settles. I know you love salsa. I know you love buckshot and whatever you love. Hey, hip hop dancers. I know you love doing your thing. You need to come check what we’re doing now. Um, so you actually bring up a good point. Didn’t even consider that expanding the dance genres, that you’re advertising to would be fantastic. And then creating content that speaks to them because the more the content sounds like it’s talking to them, the more they’ll stop. The problem with a lot of TV, radio billboard is that it’s one ad for a bunch of people. And we’re just hoping that one out of 10,000 of them, that ad is relevant to them. Well on Facebook, you can create an Instagram and everywhere. You can create ads that are more. So if I’m, I’m a dancer in this, they say, Hey dancers. I’m like, Hey, how, how did they know how they know we’re inviting you to our next event? Come on. Now, I’m introduced to this new damn style that’s taken over the nation, but you get my point, right? If, if I’m a woman, I’m not, if I’m a woman that’s pregnant and into yoga and you run an ad that says, Hey, Hey ladies, are you into yoga? And, oh, I know why I said that. I’m like, how did that populate my brain mama, Hey, pregnant women. Uh, are you looking to have a better birth? Come on out to my yoga class and they’d be like, how do they know that I was pregnant? Because you are, you have interests. Facebook knows that you’re in that interest group. So create an app that specifically speaks to them and run some money against it. Put a buck a day on it. Okay. So that is a question from the audience. Now we can dig into mine. So I broke it down, like general marketing, digital marketing questions, and then some website questions. The Panorama really did a number. And so I’m pretty much starting all over again and trying to put myself back out there. Did you say Panorama? I sure did. COVID Navi data. Yeah, Corona. The, okay. Okay. Okay. I didn’t know what you were saying. I don’t think I understand. Okay. Yes. So with that, it just kind of put a monkey wrench in some things, and I took a step back. So, um, there was, I was reading something and the term was really high. She laughed at that. Oh, I’m sorry. Um, I ran across this term. That was really interesting social currency or concept within the digital edge. And like, since everything is, is digital, digital, digital isn’t as a lot of Sufis change. So like, what would you suggest for someone to do when they’re trying to, I guess re-introduce their brand to generate social currency? Um, what would you suggest a person to do a small business to do? That’s really broad. Um, I would suggest they start. Promoting their business, putting their face out there on social media. Um, before I answer this question, do you have any questions related to tick tock, Instagram, Facebook, like, uh, specific to them? Uh, yeah, I do have, as I answer this, I can’t, I’m going to leak into some of these things. So, um, I would encourage you to start creating content the end of the day, you need to create content around what it is you do and, and run ads. This is going to be the core message of everything you need. Even if it’s just spending $1 a day on Facebook, $1 a day, create a piece of content, give the ultimate thing. I’m going to say. The other big thing I’m going to say is give some piece of information, give a free recipe, encourage, just share freely. So I mentioned earlier my attorneys, they sit on a live for an hour. Hour and a half and they answer people’s questions and they’re giving their professional advice, their professional opinion on current events and new laws being passed. And what are the implications? And they’re answering everyone’s questions, but they’re giving this time that they could be billing. They’re giving as a chef, give free recipes, record a video of you walking through the process, uh, introduce people to who you are by sharing what you know, cause nobody cares about you. Nobody’s gonna care about you. They’re going to keep scrolling unless you’re giving them something of value, something that they can appreciate, make them laugh, make them entertain them, uh, answer some questions, educate them. You have to do these things to get them to stop scrolling. No matter if you be, you just started today, or if you’ve been in business for 10 years, you need to stop and give up. Stop people as I’m scrolling by getting them to stop with them, getting them to stop them, scrolling by giving them something, giving them free stuff. So then they can know just how amazing you are. Now, once you do that, you probably don’t have a big audience. Then I would run ads against it, promoted, believing yourself enough to put a few bucks behind it and gain some traction. Um, and the other piece to that would be to run, put that content together and put it on Facebook, Facebook reels, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and, and tick top, because all those score are actually giving away free. You just said short so on YouTube. Tell me that because I’ve seen those. And I was like, okay, this is just another real don’t. You have to have like a certain number of subscribers before you compete. Not any more. They opened that up. If your, if your video is vertical and under 60 seconds, you can just upload it on your phone, your phone, as of, even from your laptop, I’ve noticed from your desktop. If long as it’s 60 seconds or less in vertical, the, their algorithm will automatically make it a quote unquote short and put it in the shorts feed it out. Um, I did not know that I’ve been testing this for myself. As far as these vertical videos, the reels, I have been doing it for my personal brand, from my daddy parenting brand tic talks kind of give me hell. At the same time, Tik TOK is where you can go and have absolutely no followers share a valuable piece of content, your take on, on a current event or whatever. And post it take talk. The possibility of you actually gain traction there with absolutely zero followers is much greater because of the way their algorithm works than anywhere else. Having said that Instagram does the same thing. I had a video I posted yesterday, there were many viral. I got, I’m pushing 30,000 views on it. Um, and it, and I don’t have that many people that follow me, but they’re mimicking what Tik TOK is doing. So is YouTube. I had a few videos that took off on YouTube on the shorts. Um, and of course Facebook is still figuring out how to integrate that entire feature, but they’re also giving away free exposure. So take content, create content that’s entertaining, informational education. Give it for free obviously. And post it on those four platforms, you can get some traction, make it vertical. Um, now the, the problem there, the complication there is that you can’t just say, I just want to show it to people in Dallas. Their algorithm will feed it to everyone nationally, which is fine because it can help you grow a brand around your subject matter. Um, so if you do that, I’ve, I’ve had people, I know people that have grown a brand and then they can come back locally and promote themselves as the tick-tock star that become famous. Now their, their, their content is going to be much richer and they can advertise or promote locally and then start pulling in some people I’ve even seen instances where tick talkers, even Molly famous tick talkers start getting featured in local needs. Oh, local, uh, celebrity, local chef, uh, tick, top famous chef when famous, let’s talk to her today about how. Right. So the lead opportunities are available out there, but it won’t be for local businesses so much. Um, that’s a wrinkle, but you’re going to get exposure and you’re gonna start getting traction. Oh, okay. I’ve gotten, thank you. I didn’t realize that again. Like, like we were talking earlier, so much stuff has changed with how you can, everything is changed. Like even with me trying to post me, you know, Amelie event, I’m in the process of trying to do one for Juneteenth. I can’t it’s way different. So I have to, I’m still playing around with definitely have to get back in there and immerse yourself because buttons are different features have been removed. Other features have been added and the dash everything’s different. So definitely get into it. Even going live today was a little complicated for me. I haven’t done one in 6-8 months and I was a little confused as to what to do. So get into it. It’s not too difficult to familiarize yourself, but definitely do it real quick. Toya, robelez asked a question. She said that she heard that your, your content, your videos need to either educate, inspire and entertain. Absolutely. Because that’s what gets people to stop. You have to get people to stop. If you don’t get people to stop, you’re, they’re going to keep scrolling. And I’ll say this, if you’re just trying to sell people on your content while you’re, if that’s all you’re doing, like come into my thing, buy my, my, I want to cry because right now, buy my crap, buy my stuff. If that’s all you’re doing, then nobody’s going to pay attention because they don’t know you. And you’re already asking for the sale. You’re already trying to get their money. And then she asked, But the key is consistency, right? Yes, totally. 100%. And I’ll say that this is one thing I’ve learned about life, about marketing, about parenting, about. Consistency is the number one key. If you keep at it and you’re consistent day in and day out, it doesn’t have to be every single day on the reels. You should try to at least do every single day take documents. A lot of people say that on Tik TOK, you should be posting four to five times a day, uh, which is actually not too hard. I used to think the same thing is possible, but it’s still time consuming. Uh, cause some, some tech talks are like five or 10 seconds. All right. But despite that consistency is the key. The reason I was able to grow my business is because of consistency. The reason I was able to grow the dance community is because of consistency. People need to be able to depend on you. They need to be able to say, oh, they’re still around. Oh, they still know what they’re doing. Oh, here’s a new piece of content. They’re really, they really know their stuff. Consistency is key for the human beings that are consuming the content and for the. The algorithm needs content to feed people because they’re, they’re scrolling. So the content allows the algorithm to know that you’re in the game and the more you are, and the more the algorithm will favor you. And the more you post I can think of it. Are you familiar with baseball? Yes. Baseball. Tosh. Oh, wait, wait a minute. What’s it called? Baseball the game. I can’t hear. I strike, I thought you say Facebook. And I was like, no, bro. Are you familiar with baseball? Yeah. So you get an, a bat and you, you take a swing, right? The more content you create and more consistent that you, or that gives you more opportunities, more at bats to be on at the plate that in those at bats, give the algorithm more opportunities to say, oh, let me show you this. Right. Um, yeah, just post once a week, once a month, you start, I started to be a little tough, right. Um, but consistency is a key, absolutely 100%. If you’re going to get in this game and you really want to succeed, figure out a way to be consistent as consistent as possible. Thank you, Toya. Next question. You have blazed through quite a few of my questions. I’m just going to go through them and make sure that I’m not missing. Hello, three people analytics. So how well, maybe I’ve answered my own question. Like when it comes to like, there’s a, a game, there’s a gaggle of information in terms of like what your analytics are, what you’re looking at. So. What are like, are there any key analytics for you to look at? Like that are the same across the board via YouTube, Facebook, Tik, TOK, IgG? Like, what ones are, should you pay attention to most? Or which ones should you try and be more consistent with? Because I know they’re, they’re all valuable in some sort of way, but for a beginner person, like, what would you say is the most important to maybe lock into one second? Um, it varies depending on the platform. If you do any video, do you use are obviously important? Um, views are important for all videos, not only because it’s an indication of interest around that particular subject, but, um, for vanity reasons, the more that your video start to grow up. And it’ll make you feel good, but more important than that, not vanity so much as social proof. We, we give more credence to videos that have a million views. Then we do two videos, five views. So if you were to consistently grow the views on your video, when other people come, come around and see your video, it’s like, oh my goodness, this video got a million views. The perception is the social proof is that you clearly know what you’re talking about. And a lot of people know about you. So views, um, specifically on YouTube and YouTube, Instagram, doesn’t give you these numbers so much that I’ve seen YouTube Instagram take talk. Watch time is very important. So not only getting a view is important, but getting a good amount of watch time because they want to make sure, especially in YouTube, They want to make sure that people are sticking around. Like they don’t just watch three seconds. Technically that’s a view. So if you have a person that has has a million view video, chances are maybe 10,000, a hundred thousand of those are actually full watch videos. Three seconds are considered a view. Um, so watch time is a metric that they track because they want to make sure that people are enjoying your videos. You’re not just uploading a crappy video with no, no information. If people bounce after a few seconds and they’ll stick around, then the watch time is low. Therefore that speeds the algorithm and tells it this video is not interesting. People aren’t sticking around for it. So that’s going to be an important metric to watch. Um, engagement by far is one of the big ones that you should look for. Uh, how many people are, uh, All the platforms give you some type of engagement rate. Um, and they, they name it different things. This is why it can get a little complicated, but making for the same reason, making sure that your content is rich enough that people want to engage. They want to comment. They want to like, they want to share those types of things. If they’re not doing any of that, then those are bad indicators. Those are, that tells the algorithm that this video is not very interesting. Right? So engagement definitely on Facebook. That’s something that it’ll give you as far as, um, a metric that you should look for. What’s the ratio of engagement to actual impressions. Impressions is very important because that lets you know, just how many people saw it. Um, I take that back, reach reaches how many people saw it. So that is if you see a number that says reach NSF 1,056. That means 1,056 human beings saw it or didn’t necessarily see it, but they came up on their screen. Okay. Um, and sorry, I’m trying to impressions, um, then engagement. I’m trying to think of a few others off the top of my head. Those for me are important. Um, the other one I would watch for is just increased. People are liking or following you. You want to continue to get that because for you as a metric, as well as for others, because they see that, oh, a hundred thousand people are following this page. They must know what they’re talking about. Right? So these are all things to keep in mind numbers and individual metrics. The ultimate metric is sales, uh, dollars in the bank. But until you’re able to convert people until they trust you enough, three times through consistency, through just giving so much until that time comes. No one’s going to buy from you. So that metric, although very important, um, it, you don’t need to have a lot of followers to have to be a very profitable business. Yeah. 5,000, 10,000 people locally. They’ll follow you. That’s actually quite a bit. If they love your stuff, a good portion of those will eventually start reaching out and taking you up on the offers. You have another question, can creating a group around your brand be, um, helpful, or is it a hindrance? I would just wonder I’ve seen some, uh, some brands, they have their own group. And then within that group, you know, you have. Other people that you, you know, that see all your other stuff, but that group could be like your core audience. Maybe that could be where you can, the benefits and, and, or not benefits of groups attached to your brand. So I’m torn on this one cause I see a lot of people that do it and it’s obviously beneficial. Um, in that you’re bringing people into a small group, uh, there’s some, some feeling of exclusivity, right? I don’t, I haven’t seen that really work for business owners unless they have a team or unless you are having a lot of time on your hands to sit there and engage with them. And the reason I’m also more torn is because as it is, you’re already giving it a ton of great content to the free people, to the general audience. So what are you going to give them? Encourage them to jump in there or are you going to be able to create more exclusive content for them? What, what level of engagement can you give them? Because otherwise it’s a waste of time. I have seen way too many groups just fall apart because of that, because there’s just no reason to be in there. Uh, and I personally don’t don’t care for them, for my businesses. There is value if you’re able to consistently give them additional value, additional content and make them feel more educated, more informed and more entertaining. Um, so that’s going to be up to the individual, but for me, if you’re a small business, chances are, you don’t have the bandwidth. So awful jump in there and think of new things to share with them. Unless the cell could be, Hey, in here, you can ask me questions, your specific questions, and I’ll answer them. That could be it. Um, and that create new content, brand new content out of nowhere, because it is most people are struggling to create any content for. So it’s a personal thing. Um, I don’t, I don’t subscribe to it and I, none of my business owners do it either. Cause they’re, they’re terribly busy. I’m keeping them busy. That that makes sense. This was actually something I was talking to Charmaine about, uh, maybe two or three weeks ago. And just trying to figure out if I did do it, how would I do it? And then after that, just trying to figure out what would be the value, um, for, for me in the space that I’m at the time to the points that you’ve just made to say, okay, so toy here. I love what she said. She has a group for her bakery, but they get exclusive activities, discounts and resources. Brilliant. That’s it. You’re giving them value like that. She gets it, that’s it right there. Then they feel like there’s a reason to join at this point. There’s so many groups where members of. And we’re always being asked to join this group in that group. Or we joined, we buy it by force memberships, and then they want to add me to a group. And then I joined hoping to get some added value. And there’s nothing. So Toya I had thought for you, because if you’re doing that, then you’re nurturing them. Then them becoming paying customers and clients. However you is very high because the value is through the roof. So kudos to you. Good job. Tell you is one, the wash, just, just you should follow her. Okay. Okay. She does some wonderful desserts I’m reading. Okay. In terms of like the bells and whistles of yes. It’s important to be consistent. Yes. It’s important to put content out in terms of the devices that you use for this content is that. For small businesses, if you ball it on a budget so I could have my, you know, um, my Blackberry, it’s a lovely Blackberry on our phones. Even a couple of years old, you can create all your content. Something that the pandemic has done for us is that it has made the barrier, no main people’s expectations of what content should look like, the lower, the plot, the need for it to be high quality. Having said that these things have produced some pretty dang good quality videos and content. Um, you do not need a camera like this. You do not need lighting. You do not need any of that. I was, I, I followed his YouTuber multimillionaire, uh, And he’s invested in a handful of other companies. He’s a very, very, very smart man that I respect. But one of the things I’ve been fascinated by him by is that I feel like he purposely is creating crappy quality videos in terms of the actual video and the audio. And even himself, he’ll be in a tank top. They’ll have like a nose thing here for what is it? That thing they put on your nose? Oh yeah. I feel like he’s deliberately doing all that to prove a point. And that is that you don’t, it doesn’t matter. The, the, the quality of the message and the content is what matters. And the guy delivers he is an outstanding individual when it comes to and sells marketing business psychology. He knows it all. And he’s grown his channel too. I think at this point, if you’re on the top a hundred thousand, there might be over a million. I forget. Because, but he did it with despite not using quality cameras or equipment and he has the money for it. He has the team for it. Um, Instagram, Tik TOK, specifically, it’s, you’re encouraged to not actually create high quality edited videos. They even tell you don’t create an ad, create a tech talk. The more real it is, you just talking and sharing and going on and giving your, your, your opinion, or maybe recording you preparing a meal. You’ve seen those videos right? Where they prepare a meal like tap, tap, tap, tap. And in one minute you have a meal. Those videos go viral, and a lot of them are just done on your phone. You do not need fancy equipment, make sure the sun is facing you or your light is facing you. And that should be good enough. And even then, if the message is on point, if you don’t have something to say that people will appreciate this. They don’t care. They won’t care because you, you know, you’re right. I think that’s my demon that I wrestle with because I want it to look perfect. I want it to, and, and people, they really you’re. Right. They really do not care. They don’t, we don’t. As long as they have to say is, is you’re asking them to pay attention. You’re asking them for a minute, two minutes, five minutes of their time. You’re not asking them for money, but what’s more important than money. It’s a natural question. What’s more important than money talk. I mean your time. Oh yeah. Oh, of course that. Oh, that’s an no. Yeah. Um, so asking people to take time out of their day to watch your crap. That’s valuable. So that’s even more valuable than the money in their pocket. Right. So start creating content that people actually heard somebody say that makes, makes you feel like, damn, I should have charged for that. If you don’t feel like you probably should have charged with that, then you’re probably isn’t good enough. Because at the end of the day, if you’re creating content, that’s less than that, then what kind of people do you think you’re going to attract? Or what type of people do you think you’re going to retain? They’re not going to stick around for you blabbering about nothing. Okay. Thank you for your Ted talk. Okay. Like there is no reason and I’ve been, I have a lot of people. And recently when I’ve been doing this push with the tick talks and the reels, I’ve been forcing myself to just use this. Now, granted, it’s one of the newest one. So I have some dang good footage, but I’m forcing myself to just use this because the best camera you have is the one that’s on you. It’s not going to big flashy, big ones, and you don’t have to spend the money no longer have to do that. It’s a thing of the past. Do yourself a favor. If you know, you got something, just start doing it, start sharing. Like I cannot stress this enough question then. Um, so in terms of sharing, um, yes, we understand that, you know, just putting something up as important with all the various social media networks that are out there to put your content on. Is there one that you think there should be more of a focus on? And if you say. You know, with whatever answer you give, if you have all of them, what is the best way to get that same message out? Because it’s like, I don’t want to have to repost to take talk then repost to this and then repost to that. Like, is there, I know who was doing something, but I mean, I, so go, those are my questions. I can give you some bad news. Okay. I’m ready to give it to them. I’m good in some fat, but you don’t drive yourself crazy. Choose two or three. Okay. Uh, focus and get really good on at least one. If, if you just can’t go to two or three, do one and master that one. And the number one I would recommend is Facebook, mainly because of the advertising. They’re still the best advertising platform to be able to just target audiences around your interest in your city. Women between 25 and 45 that are pregnant or into pregnancy and are into yoga and live in the wealthiest parts of town. You can do that, right? You can do that really affordably, um, for that reason. But if Facebook is in your jam and maybe you don’t want to spend the money, by the way, I’m running ads all over the place on I’m about to start testing Tik TOK ads. They’re not cheap where there are cheap. They just ask you to spend a lot of it. Anyways. Um, I would focus on probably Tik TOK because it’s the easiest to create content for. And it’s the easiest to gain traction post there consistently. Now the challenge for you will be, and this goes back to the local thing. If you’re trying to serve as people here locally in the area, Then I still would encourage Facebook. So that way local people, you can advertise to people locally. Yeah. Right. But on Tik TOK, you can create content posted, stay consistent. And if it’s something like, I think I’m gonna have to create a top course. I’ve taken like 26 top courses recently. And I’ve been pushing my own knowledge around it by an experience like going through it. Like I’ve, I have a good understanding of why it works, but I read the course until like, I get my stuff popping point is though, um, tic talk, you can create content and the algorithm will start feeding it to people. You don’t even need followers. You need consistency and good quality content and they will help you. And this is actually what the other piece is. It will help you validate ideas. So one, you may gain traction. You may start getting an audience around cooking. You know, there’s cooking Tik TOK, but booked a tick talk books, or they call it like there’s various segments, Tik TOK, devoted to various different things that are blowing people up. Singers can go there and blow up rappers. Artists like people are, they’re being segmented, Tik, TOK, automatic, and serves them new content. That’s the way the platform is designed. Like they’re giving you new content all the time and you’re going to find new people that could be you. Um, but it’s a quick way to validate ideas and see how well they, whether it’s a good piece of content or not because the algorithm is going to give, serve it up for free to a handful of people. The way it works is it serves it up to like 500 people like for free. And depending on how those people engage, whether they watch or they keep scrolling that feeds the algorithm and says, Nope, this is trash. Don’t bother showing up. On Facebook for the most part, I saw a change recently, but for the most part, they’re not going to show it to almost anyone, even if they follow you, unless you advertise. Yes. Um, yeah, it’s definitely. So the idea of having followers on Facebook is almost pointless because they only deliver it to one or 2% of your audience. So if you have a hundred, you, one person might see it. Right? So going back to the talk, I would recommend go there to try to gain some traction, gained some confidence for yourself, maybe start producing some stuff that people are enjoying and then validate ideas, quickly validate ideas. Uh, I would then also recommend Instagram doing reels for the same reason. They’re also, they’re copying tick-tock in their algorithm and how they’re giving away free impressions. The views like I’m getting random people being recommended to me. Oh, you like Tashi the cook. You might like this. And that could be you. Oh, you like, I dunno, Ramsey. You like born Ramsey, hot tastes like cautious here. You might like her. Right. But that you need content there. So those are probably the three platforms I would recommend. And I would recommend posting to them via their native app via their app. I’ve I’ve tested this out with my clients and I can’t help, but notice that this a very significant drop in impressions and reach when I post from auto schedulers. Yes. It says if the platforms are picking up or like, oh, you’re not even posting on our platform, you’re not going to be seen by as many people. We’re not going to do that. Tik TOK. I have client, a couple of clients who easily get two to 3000 views per protect top. And this is on the low end there. We’re getting under a hundred and I did this for a week or two. I’m like, oh crap. Um, and then as soon as I stopped auto scheduling and cross-promoting like that, then all of a sudden, within a day, the, uh, the views jumped back up. So mine, and then you want to post in there in their format and you want to write a caption that’s specific to their format because on Tik TOK, you can’t be writing long, long captions on Facebook. You can write longer ones on Instagram, you can as well, but you have to write and create the content that’s specific for that platform. It’s more tedious. This game has been for the week on entrepreneurship. Isn’t for. If you want to be in this game, you got to be willing to invest the time, energy and money period. And those are the three platforms I would recommend. Um, for most business owners. If you’re, if whoever’s watching this in the future, and if you’re a B2B, if you sell services to another business, then I would incorrect. I would encourage you to promote consistently on LinkedIn. They are also giving away a ton of free exposure because they’re trying to get people to engage and real quick, I wanted to talk about that. The reason they’re giving away this free exposure is because we get we as creators. We, as creators are important and vital to the system, because if we’re not creating good, cool content for people to engage with, then those people are just going to leave your platform. That’s not no longer fun. That’s why more and more people are going to tick tock because all the fun stuff is happening there. Downloading those videos and uploading tick talks to Facebook or to Instagram and even to LinkedIn, because the fun is over at TechTalk. Right? So then that’s where the creators are. Like there is a burgeoning industry of people just being so creative and humorous and political, whatever their take is, they need us. So we need to get that exposure, right? It’s in their best interest that we blow up. So we create more. So that way you, we regular users hang out and then they can run ad dollars. They can put ads in front of us. So that is the overall business model is on Facebook for now. We are the content, right? We are family members, we’re posting for our to share, but we are the content. And so is on it on Tik TOK, but more so the creators on YouTube, the creators that are creating those videos for you, um, that we find valuable and we take those creators away and people that aren’t creating them away now. What what’s the point of me being on this platform. Okay. Right. So LinkedIn, when to, when you first, um, there was one something that you post and he was like, all right, I heard about this thing called tick top. You guys were to get off their, like, I remember that. I was like, wow, he was one of the car. Definitely. Um, and now it’s so good. The algorithm is so good. It’s kind of creepy, but I understand the basics science behind it. And it’s so good at giving stuff that you’re going to enjoy because they’re picking up on a lot of cues that you do that you don’t know. Um, and very quickly giving the algorithm indicators like, oh, he’s not interested in kayaking because as soon as I see a kayak, you scroll, they’re picking up on, like, if you stop for two seconds, they’re like, oh, interstate nine. Like they literally the algorithms that smart that within a day, You can pretty much guarantee that almost every video that comes through your feed will be things that you’re interested in, even though you didn’t tell it. That’s cool and creepy at the same time. Right. Because we’re always given away. We’re always given away indicators about what we’re into. Well, that’s the algorithm in this app has mastered it. So make my final point on that. If I told you that they were, they started gaining in popularity and it got so good and so popular that everyone is copying them and their format. Yeah. So get on it. If you don’t do it on Tik TOK, do it on Instagram and go and do an Instagram, do it on YouTube. But I would recommend doing on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik TOK, you can repurpose it. Yeah. You can definitely repurpose those vertical. Um, real quick Toya says, what about the Facebook business suite that. That one is there’s that when you’re good that that’s not, that’s not a problem, but there’s a lot of platforms out there that will post to everything for you. Like your HootSweet. Um, I had another one that I found that I really liked that allowed me to, uh, auto posts to tech talk. Um, there’s a bunch of, uh, Africa. I think it’s metric metrical is what allows you to post, but, and schedule it out for the whole month. Yeah, I loved it because I have a lot of stuff I have to post my clients only to find out that the reach was being dropped. The algorithm clearly doesn’t like it. Uh, so I’ve had to stop, which I hate it because you have to do it manually. Well, you have to do for yourself. I also had to do for my clients two or three times a days. Um, but they pay me well, so I just suck it up. Okay. I, there, I did have, um, some other people who are super, super beginner. He asked me some questions. And so, um, I would love for you to answer so they there’s a person she’s just starting out and, um, she doesn’t have, she was curious and I’m like, what? Let me see, what are few affordable sites. One can use to, to create a website. If they’re volume the budget, we’ve got to crawl before we walk. Right. That was one. Um, see the problem is what is affordable to individuals? Um, that that’s something I’ve learned in life is what’s affordable is variable, but it’s relative to the individual. I would assume they mean really, really cheap. It’s going to be tough. You can find some Weebly’s out there, uh, Squarespace, but I think they’re a little, they’re a little prettier, nicer. Um, and I’m trying to recommend platforms that allow you to launch a website with templates already available to you. So you can literally take and then customize a bit and, and be able to launch, um, those would be the platforms I recommend the problem from a marketing point of view. And obviously they’re just going to start it. So I would start there, um, from a marketing point of view, I’ve picked up peop clients over the years that are on weekly or on a go daddy hosted website that they launched for them that was for free or whatever. Those sites are free for a reason. And they’re cheap for a reason. They allow very little actual customization and permissions to get into the back end and do some, some things on the marketing side to add tracking, to add analytics, blah, blah. Like it, it became a nice. However, if you’re just getting started, then I would go there. We believe in there’s another one that’s on that level of just affordability and being able to launch something to at least have a presence would be, that would be one of my top recommendations for that a little higher up would be a Squarespace. Is that I think that’s what they’re called. They’re really beautiful, elegant. Um, out of the box, you could probably launch a really pretty site. Um, it’d be hosted by them. That’s a little more, um, and those would probably be it. I, if there’s one more, I can’t think of it right now. That is still okay. I mean, go to go daddy or your, your, your host will have your GoDaddy. Uh, that’s the only one I can think of right now. Um, they give you like launch a free website, that kind of feature. So that’s, hopefully I’ve answered that question. Uh, those are out there. You can launch, you can have a presence. If you’re just getting started, I would not stress about it. And just, I actually told this to a client today who might hire me. Um, I told them, don’t worry about the website. None. Now that’s just push. I create landing pages, but you don’t need a website. We’re going to keep everybody on the platform and we can just try to get them to engage and call, um, um, question you stood landing page, go back to that. That’s something else. So do you know what the landing pages actually, let me answer that. I would just tell the general public, and then in pace, it’s a simple one page website. Uh, for me in the marketing world, it, it refers to a page, a one page website that literally has nothing, but maybe a headline, a few words, more than likely a video and a button that says call now or visit now or claim the coupon landing pages tend to be really simple and remove all navigation because we’re really distracted. And if you here’s a, here’s a. If you have, if you’re running an ad and you send them to your website and your website’s a mess, and you got all types of stuff going on, they’re going to land there and be confused. And landing pages are really good because if you run an ad and you ask them to, you know, for more information, they go to a landing page. And on that landing page, you have information very relevant to that. Ad is in congruence with what you just were talking about. Then they’re more than likely actually going to read what was there, watch the video and probably give you a call. But if you push them through your general website, like there’s all types of buttons and graphics and this and that, a confused mind, doesn’t buy it. They’re going to bounce. They’re not there. They don’t even know if they’re on the right place and they’re going to leave landing page. It’s just a really simple, elegant to the point page. Oh, I’m going down. My, the question you pretty alike. You flowed into light. Last of my questions already. Yeah. Cause when you said 17, now I buy and if everyone takes me 10 minutes or 20, I’ll be here. You’ve covered. You have definitely kind of tied together. What else you got? You already went over. I was asking about the various platforms that you think are best to use. You gave me your top four. We talked a little bit about analytics. We don’t have to have a 60 camera to, to put out some quality content. They’ll go through tech talk or go through your Instagram. A real speed. Are you going to see what. You’re going to find those videos are getting millions of views. Yeah. Why? Because they’re entertaining. And because the algorithm is there, especially on, on Instagram, a lot of people are pissed, especially photographers because they’re putting more weight on video. Now it used to be just a photography site, photo site. And no, because they’re copying take talk. That’s where the money is. That’s where the attention is. And frankly, that’s what we want because we’re doing that over there. They’re like, oh, that’s what our users want. So let’s do that here. Now you can still do photos and whatnot, but video is the, I guess that could be another big tip. If you’re not doing video, you’re missing out and I’m going to even get to get into the ad side. What did he lashed out with video allow? There’s a, quite a few ways I can go. More people are willing to sit and watch a one minute video than read two paragraphs. It is that’s the reality, not the more people are willing to sit there and maybe watch a two minute video because there it’s there it’s animated, it’s video. It’s people talking there, right. It’s, it’s more engaging than sitting in on reading. Okay. That’s number one, number two, because of that, or the platforms are, or other platforms algorithms are putting preference in video. Right. Um, because we like, so they’re just doing us a favor and everyone’s mad at social media for giving us what we want. I mean, we, as human beings are the problem correctly. Um, but having said that on the advertising side, If you do videos there, you’re able to do so much more with it. You can run ads to people that watch three seconds of a video. You can run, like who have already watched three seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, or let’s say, I want to run it a follow-up ad to people that watched 50% of this last video. So you can segment them and run ads to those individuals. How much more relevant do you think that video will be for them? How much more engaged do you think you will? They will be. If they see another video having engaged with the previous one more than more than half, they’re going to be much more engaged and be like, oh, it’s him again? Great. I wanted to hear from him. So these are things that there’s a lot of, I can get into a lot of other things that video allows you to do on the ad side that you cannot do with a regular text post or a regular. Got it. You can re target people and reengage them since they showed interest and watch that video that you posted last week. So my secret in the dance community is I post a lot of videos and if anybody has Washington, a portion of them, I put them in an audience, a big bucket of people that have watched at least three seconds or 10 seconds, and I show them more videos. So the idea of being to persuade them that, Hey, dude, you need to come. Eventually I keep hitting them with more and more videos, more and more content. And frankly, it’s just fun to come to our events, but we may resistible and I’m making it a resistible by continuously putting more content in front of them. And that’s what you need to do as brands. So with, when it comes to your, to your various pages, um, your social media presence, would you say that. That your page should be set up a certain way should or shouldn’t. There should be things that you should, there are things that you need to have there. And some, some bits and pieces of information that you shouldn’t. I heard someone say something like that. I was like, okay, if you have this sort of social media page, make sure you have this, this, and this are there. Is it really that serious? I mean, if you’re on the internet, you’re pretty screwed already, um, in terms of privacy, but I was the only thing, the only thing I would say that I think answers to that is don’t put anything personal, overly your address. I don’t mean, I don’t mean things like you should, are there, are there pieces of information that you should avoid having there? I mean, in terms of making things succinct and attractive and need to know things that you should have on your. On your Facebook page. I’m sorry. I think it’s going to be dependent on it, non you and your business. Uh, you have, you have a chef business, right? You have a cooking and catering business. I would not post anything political. Um, I mean, unless you just, there’s something like black history month, I don’t know if that’s political, but you know what I’m saying? If you have a political page, a page that leans in that direction, then go political. That’s your job. That’s what you made your job. Right? Um, I would say stay on topic and get off only with intention. Like obviously when things pop up and you want to speak to things that are going on in the real world, then speak to them and how it relates to you or how maybe you’re supporting, you know, like women’s rights or whatnot. Right. That would be the extent of what I would say. Uh, but even then it’s up to you because you own the page. It’s whatever makes sense for the business. They’re subscribing to you as a chef, right. They want to know about all things, cooking and catering and whatnot. So if you start talking to me about sports, there’s a, uh, that’s where I would be careful. But outside of that, I can’t think of anything that like, oh no, don’t do this or don’t do that. Okay. I’m going back to my list of questions. Fantastic. You really view your nailed it. You got a lot. You’ve covered everything. I thought I was going to have, you know, some, what about this? You got. Oh, you know what, when it comes to your audience, like at the end of the day, you know, I would say that my audience is, you know, people who like to cook, but I’ve read some articles and they talk about like, how, how do you formulate your target, target audience? Like, how do you, where does it start? Do you, as a business owner, you just focus on the people that you care about having their attention, or, you know, once I started looking at analytics, it kind of, it can, that can change what your target audience is. Am I right? Or am I wrong? Well, uh, this is kind of the meaty question. You ideally should know who your target audience is. Who’s going to buy because at the end of the day, you’re trying to sell something, right. So who’s going to be your buyer. Having said that. Your buyer, invariably, as anyone that needs food facts, I would focus. So this brings me to the term I, I, I created and I’ve said many times before I would focus for you on getting an audience of people that are into food, into fine, whatever it is that you call this and get an audience that’s so big, I call it the Kim K event and then take and benefit from the Kim K Kim K. And all her brethren are just friends for siblings, have massive audiences. When you have a massive audience, you can sell them anything. Kim K has, who knows how many businesses at this point and have ownership in them because of her odds. If someone approaches her even about promoting their business, It costs like a hundred thousand dollars or more per Instagram post for her to promote your thing. Right? But that’s because of the massive audience that she has coming back to you. You don’t need that many people, but if you had a few thousand, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 of people that love food and creative ways to prepare food, healthy food, and you were growing that audience. And that’s what I would focus on that taco audience. They invariably a good portion then will turn into fanatics for you and your PR. They’re going to love your personality, make sure your personality is coming out in the content because they can get food anywhere where they can learn from anyone. But why are they gonna learn from you T tenacious? We need to see more of that, right? Your personality. And, and while you’re preparing, um, and create this massive audience, people that are just into food, they’re foodies, this self-described foodies. You can probably target them. Booties, um, and just go wide. So then going back to tick-tock, that might be the best interest. So that way you go. So why you can push those people, especially if they’re local over to Facebook and over to any other platform and then sell it to them. So go a little wider. Um, mama SITA, yoga here. It’s like, she just needs to target women between certain ages because eventually they may get pregnant. You know, uh, she does yoga, she does other stuff, but she’s targeting prenatal, uh, pregnant women. Well, they’re only pregnant for a certain amount of time. Then they fall out of that audience and that target. So now they no longer could be her clients so that she has this little window, but it doesn’t mean that she can’t keep promoting and growing her audience nationally and be the mama, see the prenatal expert in the entire country. And when they they’re looking for someone locally, guess who they are. Her same with you. You can have a national brand go. Why include people that are just food? That’s what I would do as foodies or whatever self-described name they’ve given themselves, how they self identify. Um, and then out of that, you’re going to have people that are like, how can I pay you? Can I pay you to remotely cook for me or teach me how to do this or do that? Or I’m in Dallas, can you do this for me? Right. Those are the types of things that I would consider in terms of your audience and who you’re targeting. I would like your advice on this. So it’s like a gift and a curse. So I cook, you know, I can prepare things. However, I also have a nutrition background. So in terms of like pushing things out to people, um, Of course, the biggest focus is, you know, I’m going to make this food for you, but other things are other talents that I may have that are, that are still related to food. How would you, how would you suggest I fold that into what I do or eventually broaden that out to another service that I could offer without like overwhelming myself. Cause it was like someone was today. Someone was like, oh, you, you do meal prep. I was like, yeah, I have this here is a mini, but if you need Quito, I can do it. If you want something that’s vegan, I’m your girl. If it’s vegetarian, I can do it. If you, if it’s for a small toddlers, prenatal, postpartum women, if they’re, if they’re specific dies, like all of that kind of stuff. I have that expertise, but I don’t always know the best way to put that out there without confusing the audience because they come here because they know all right, she does meal prep and she can do catering things, but there are some other stuff that she can do to. Wow. That’s a very complicated question. I would try to give you the advice. I would give someone that would be paying, oh gosh. Now free game. I’m taking it. I would read the game. Um, I would say pick one, get that to be successful because it is overwhelming because now you’re having to create content for two different ones. Right? I would focus on creating that massive audience around one, ideally one that’s easier creating products around that. A killer offer around. Um, and get it to be profitable, get it to a place where you can systematize it when you can count on it, deliver it. You can count on the money that you’re going to get, because the more you talk about it, the better you become at it, the better, the more of an expert you are in that field, in the perception of others that are consuming your content. If you start to do everything they are, they’re going to be like, well, what are you focused on? What are you good at? What can I call? Right. Um, cause that’s what you can charge the most for when you’re the specialist, as someone you don’t, who would you rather get brain surgery from a brain specialist or from a general practitioner? They’re both doctors. Right? Right. So be a specialist in one master that master the marketing, master the messaging, uh, master the consistent, like get all that. Down and also master the profitability is this profitable. Can you make those profitable? Can you bring in enough people every month to pay the bills, pay everything, is that possible? And once you figure that out, if you can do it in one thing, do it in one thing. Having said that once you have a conversation with them, what you can do is have it as part of your upsell consulting on the nutrition side, whatever, or whatever it is at bat nutrition has, does you definitely can bundle that in there. And I’m going to back up a little bit, even in, within the, uh, the realm of the cooking, being a nutritionist is a vital skill. Yes. So in your messaging, in your, the content that you put out there, I would include that. Are you like a certified nutritionist or something? No, I’m working on my, uh, my credentials. But my background I’ve done it. Okay. I have experience. So we’ll put that food prepared, you know, delicious, tasty, whatever food prepared with love, passion, and with a care for your nutrition as an experienced nutritionist. Right. Kind of put that in your messaging that adds more validity, more, uh, more, uh, experts, more weight. Yes. Right. Um, but as far as selling it as a service, I would bundle it into the conversation. Once you have them, like maybe upsell them. Like I can also do this for you for X amount. If you’re interested then if, because if they’re asking you to prepare, maybe they’re interested in whatever nutrition service you have, um, until you’re able to make that something you can devote with. Right. Okay. Make it profitable and figure that out before you, cause that’s two big spaces to be in it’s broad and it’s really, really broad and trying to create content that the masses want and answering all those questions. And while also having a regular job damn near impossible. Okay. Got it. Yeah. One more question. You got any more then I got to eat. No, I don’t. I, you, I have some, some solid takeaways and I was able to take some really good notes and I can’t wait to watch the playback so that whatever notes I missed, I can put them back. Yeah. Because you’re paying attention. Carla says, by the way she commented in here, she says, start with what you’re most passionate about cooking. Something that you can get into. People need to be like. Excited to watch you because it’s not just about the food. It’s about the preparation. It’s about the person. Um, there’s a guy, uh, the guy on, on, uh, who grew incredibly famous on Instagram. I think he’s called bilayer liar. He chops. And he gets like clips of NBA sports highlights, or just highlights. And then he overdubbed them with his personnel. Like, Ooh, watch out now don’t go on your bit. Like he just adds his personality and it has you laughing so hard while just that I have like the videos that you’re talking about. Like I do, I have videos that I’ve made. Like I can see you doing. I can see the second tick talks where you make a meal in 60 seconds. Thanks. And then flips. And then you talk over it. Like, backstrap picture this man. Where’s the tutorial on how to do that. I mean, I’m, I’m not, I’m not delayed, but when it comes to like really the technical and it isn’t that typical because you grow YouTube has all the answers. Okay. Then I go to YouTube screets and watch a couple of tutorials. Cause I bet right now on my phone, I do, I have roasted fish. This snapper that’ll make you want to fight somebody, all these things. I have it there, but just like, don’t want to put them in. This is my challenge to you T and to everyone else, go to tick top. Find the thing that you’re interested in, do a search for cooking or whatever. Start scrolling, find yourself, stopping on things. Then ask yourself, why did I just thought? What about this particular video compelled me to stop? And what did I take away? Did I laugh? Did I feel educated? Right? And what style is it? How did they, is it a talking head videos, then just talk. It, is it what I just described to you? Um, those videos get a lot of views because they’re just like our mouth is watering and they’re thinking on Instagram, on the reels and tick talks, the faster you cut the better. Those are the ones that like, cause you go from zipping to throw into sizzling, to flipping, to play boom, boom, boom, boom. And I’m like, wow. Um, but scroll through there and see what they’re doing and see what you can pick up. And the biggest, the other big tip is go there and start figuring out how you can copy them. Copy like an artist. How can I grab this idea with this sound of the music matters and the stock they did it in and then do it for yourself. Copy like an artist. That’s what everyone is doing. Writing trends and you need to ride the trend, but for cooking from your point of view with your footage, okay, there’s so much room for growth. It’s actually impossible not to grow unless you just don’t do the work. And it takes time like to be fair, um, start putting some time into it and you’ll be surprised just how much traction you can gain. Um, and then grab that content and post it on Facebook and run some ads to it because you know that it’s good to talk. Just said, it’s good. That’s my validation. Make it happen. Okay. Well, as long as it’s sexy and it’s about food and it’s fun, sexy, I don’t like struggle plates and I see some stuff and W’s. Oh, but people love it. So talk about that. Say that in a video, why is your food so ugly? Nothing that he does is ugly. My muffled Pepsi it’d be banging damn right. Or like you do a video of you reacting to some of those videos. Like, oh my God, like that’s horrible. That’s disgusting. Those videos did reaction, videos killed you? Why don’t we, we love watching people react to things. We’re a sick society, but it works so good. Alright. Okay. Alright. This that’s my homework and my child challenged. Thank you. Tenacious T thank you. Thank you. Thank you really. Sorry. I keep looking down here, so I know same, same here. Like where am I looking? Where am I looking? Right. Probably right. See, thank you. Toyota. Tell her, tell her, keep her accountable. Um, thank you for this. I really appreciate it. Um, an hour and 20 minutes, right? Talking, we’re going, uh, I’m going to chop this up. I’m going to put it out there. I’m going to, this is going to be content that I’m putting on my Facebook. My Twitter reminds of my I’m sorry, my Instagram, YouTube everywhere. This specifically, those channels that I mentioned to you that have the vertical videos they’re going to. Just push your toppings. You should shop it and screw it to some Swisher houses. That’s cool. I like that package the chop and screwed package people. Right. Thank you. Yes. That’s a collaboration happens when you ping off each other like this. I would like that actually, because it also speaks to my background. Yes. And some great music in the back. No mutable. Yeah, that will be good. Before we leave Allen Allen Allen here. He’s he’s homie. That’s moving from San Diego to teach Keystone, but here in Dallas, he can get down. He’s in the joint, but he’s really good with means dude. The means to me take talk is just means by a video. Yeah. They’re action. They’re acted out. Um, if you can, if you can come up with a good mean where if you see a good name and you can act it out as yourself and yourself, like boy, what you think, nah, you know what I’m saying? Those are going to kill because the meme has already proven to work as hilarious. So if you can act it out, it doesn’t have to be great enough to be a great actor. You can be cheesy, but Tik TOK will blow up. That’s one of the angles that I’m looking to take is wearing any mean that I come across. I’m like, what can, how can I spin that and make it a video, a Tik TOK. So anyways, that’s my last observation that I’ll be sharing because it’s, it’s one that I’m about to rock because on my personal stuff, I’m doing funny more, tick-tock more humorous, a little more aggressive too, but it’s me, um, talking and it’s something that I haven’t done much recently, but that’s on my first as TV I’m club, aggressive at dads. Get off your ass and be a better daddy. Stop being a jerk. Yeah. Anyhow, I can keep talking forever. I’m starving. I’m getting a headache, but it’s not you. I appreciate you. Thank you. So all that attended and meant the world to me, uh, expect some short form clips coming soon. I appreciate all of you. Bye-bye bye Alvin and Toya, and to a good day.