Hackers Want Access To Your Social Media & Facebook Account

I want you to stop what you’re doing right now.

Go to facebook.com, log in to your profile and immediately change your password to something that is very, very strong.

If you have already done that and you do have a strong password, and kudos to you.

But if you know you don’t, if you know you’re using the same password on multiple accounts,
I can’t stress enough to you. Go change it now, and I would even say that if you’re watching this on LinkedIn or Instagram or TicTok, do that there as well.


But more than anything, I mean I’m stressing on Facebook because a lot of businesses actually use Facebook as one of the primary way to promote their business.
If your Facebook profile gets hacked, that’s bad because many of us older people have over 10 years worth of content and photos and stories there that we’ve been using as our photo album, as a way to store it.

And if your Facebook account, your profile gets hacked, you could lose access to it because from the moment that it gets hacked into, hackers gain access every passing moment that goes by.

It makes it even more and more difficult because they start changing the phone number that’s associated to your account.

They started changing the email address associated to your account and it becomes an absolute nightmare, and the likelihood that you may lose complete access to the Facebook profile becomes higher and higher with each passing moment.

But on top of that, if you have Facebook pages, business pages associated with your account, they then will be able to access that those as well as has happened with my client.

So go change your password now and once you do that Also add two-factor authentication because it adds yet another layer of security if they try to gain access or change your password, it has to send you a text or something to verify that you are indeed that same person it can.

It can be a little annoying if it is you, but it’s an annoyance that’s worth the trouble because if you lose access it is an absolute nightmare.

So do me a favor. Share this with anyone that could benefit from this video, ’cause frankly, everyone needs to make sure to protect their accounts, And memories will be lost as the equivalent of having your photo albums burned in a fire.

Thank you very much.

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