Youtube Ads For Businesses

I’ve been putting in a ton of hours over the last 6 weeks getting intimate with Youtube. The Youtube world is MASSIVE and pretty much untapped.
You can go the paid ads route to tap into the massive audience that watches videos every day.
You can ethically get in front of your competitor’s audience and hijack their traffic. Ethically of course.
Then there the organic/creator side. If you have the time and resources you can build brand and authority by sharing your expertise.
Or you can just have fun, record yourself playing video games, or who knows what else.
Kids now want to be YouTubers when they grow up!
But you don’t even have to have a massive audience of millions to command the respect and attention of your audience. That’s one of the most popular misconceptions.
Youtube has become a vital element in my business and started to recommend it to my clients as part of my “Rockstar Resonance Method” to grow my clients’ business.
I have 4 clients who hired me during the pandemic that have allowed me to use Youtube as a part of their strategy. I’m having so much fun with it all.
The creative side is so much fun, but the storytelling is probably my favorite part.
“But Teevee, I just skip the video. I never watch the ads!”
Well, then sir/ma’am… that’s cool. The business didn’t get charged for that impression. In fact, the advertiser only gets charged if you click on the ad or watch at least 30 seconds.
The “skip” button is my new best friend.
That impression was free. FREE branding. Pretty neat, eh? This (and a handful of other reasons) is where Youtube is kicking Facebook’s booty.
Don’t get me wrong. I still love Facebook Ads. But man, oh man, my side chick is definitely Youtube.