EP 10: How to Craft a Lead Gen Campaign for Your Business

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Lead Gen campaigns can build a business and take it from barely scraping by to playing with gasoline. ON FIRE! (get it?)

In today’s episode of the Teevee Marketing Show, we discuss how to craft a lead gen campaign.

Topics include:

  • Value Ladder and how it can help you map out your customer’s journey
  • Offer Creation Ideas and why it’s the most important element of the lead gen campaign
  • Free vs Discount vs Not Free At All Offers
  • Strategies to ensure you are getting the most of the investment
  • Why advertising usually doesn’t work for most businesses
  • My $500 Referral Bonus…

… I specialize in helping my clients generate leads by using Lead Gen Campaigns as I described in the video. I know a thing or two about helping them grow.

Do you know anyone in these businesses?
Attorneys, Roofers, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Real Estate Investors, HVAC… and many more.

I have complete lead gen campaigns ready to go for all those industries and more. (Offer, Copy, Creative, Landing Page, Call tracking, Follow up Scripts, Reporting)

Basically, I can help them grow their business to that mythical “other level”.

I would love a referral from you.

I’m giving a $500 Referal Bonus for anyone that you refer AND signs up to work with my agency.

That’s right! $500!
I’ll zap it over to you via venmo, paypal, cashapp, or a check if you’re into that type of payment.

Please message me if you know anyone or have questions.

Yours truly,
Teevee the Marketer