The Trust & Reputation Episode

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In this week’s episode we talk about Trust. This is what we are all trying to nurture through our efforts in our marketing.

We’re trying to create trust so that our audience believes we can take care of their problems or simply that what we say is true.

Once you have it, you need to protect this trust, this reputation.

I share some strategies that all business owners should implement to make sure they are protecting their brand.

Do this and you will also be helping put together a system that helps you land new clients/patients/customers.

Thank you for watching! See next Tuesday at 11am for the next episode.


I was having some hearing issues and felt a bit dizzy because of it. Please pardon the low volume and energy. I couldn’t even hear how loud I was being throughout the LIVE.

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to the Teevee marketing show Podcast. My name is TV, The Marketer coming at you from good old Dallas, Texas. Our show focuses on delivering valuable digital marketing and advertising information for local businesses way share strategies that you should be aware of and can easily implement for yourself As a business owner. We also share a current using trend that you need to know to keep up to date on the ever changing digital landscape.

Today’s episode, titled The Trust Episode Hindsight. I Should Have a Child in the Trust in Reputation episode. I go in depth on the importance of cultivating trust with the audience and then going really deep on how to protect that trust online.

I share strategies that should be implemented by everyone, smaller, large businesses and even private individuals. I was slightly off game in this episode. I was having ear and equilibrium issues. Please pardon my lower volume and toned. I couldn’t tell if I was being a loud enough.

Well, the content is still good, so let’s get right into it, Heller. One. Good morning. My name is T B, and you’re tuned into the TV marketing show. It is 11 o’clock and I’m having a rough day. So quick story. I took my daughter to the doctor for a checkup.

When I was there, I asked him to check my hearing or to clean my ear. That inhabits of issues. I thought because they did, and they flushed it with water, both ears. So what ends up happening is that now I have what amounts to watering both ears for these water tow, Try to flush up clean and now both ears. He’ll have water in them and feel as if basically what you feel like when you go to the pool, in your water, in your ears. But in both years, and it’s really, really, really bothering me, it’s making me a little dizzy. And so I don’t know if I’m screaming right now. If I am, I’m looking at my monitor here. My mom, my microphone monitor, Um and it shows me.

Okay, so pardon me if I started screaming. Or maybe even I am not screaming. And I think I’m screaming cause that’s what it feels in here. I just eat an apple earlier, and I felt like the world was collapsing in my ears you know who we are here. Thank you for tuning in. For those of you listening to the podcast later. I appreciate you make sure to continue listening. Andi, Let’s get started today. Our episode Where’s my notes? Please hold. True. Do they were here.

Knows something. They’re here. Damn! Our episode today is the trust episode. Why is this important trust? So everything that we’ve been talking about and everything frankly related to marketing is towards one goal. And that is to build trust. We want people to trust who we are, our values, what we believe in, what we stand for, which might all be related. We want people to trust us, trust us with their money, where their time with their attention it is the commodity were obviously trying to get their attention.

We’re trying to put them into an audience. Is your two episodes the last two episodes of the topics that we talked about? But through the process of that or the reason you do all these things is to create trust. So they know that what we’re saying is true.

It matters on it impacts them as our consumers, our audience members. Azan, example Kim Kardashian last week when I was talking about her and her affect her for the phenomenon that is hurting her family, her followers, their followers trust that whatever she says is true, that their stories are true, that they’re being sincere with their voice in there being authentic and thus other the virtue of the massive audience that they have when they recommend a product or a service that many of her followers believe her and thus go out and buy whatever product that may be peddling in that moment or the company that they made a part of right now.

This is similar to Oprah back in the day when anything that she recommended or have anybody had a show, she almost automatically made somebody a bestseller just by shirt. I merely mentioned them, mentioning the author and a new book on her show, and she had a book club right. This is true for anything that she was doing. If she mentioned it to me, she was the original influencer of sorts that was a massively making an impact. Any time she mentioned something, people trusted that it was legitimate and true, because if Oprah said it we have to believe it to be true, right? Excuse me. So we have to cultivate trust. We’re trying. That’s where our goal is.

So the key are walking through a few things that keep in mind. I want to be able to do this and also to make sure that we’re protecting. Ultimately, when we’re getting trust, we need to protect that reputation. That is thus givings that credibility towards our for our people. So steps towards creating and cultivating a good online reputation is basically what the focus of this episode will be. Say, you’ve done a great job of creating your audience.

You’ve done a great job of making sure you’re consistent with your boys and that people find you trustworthy. Now, now, now, now you need to make sure the world knows that you are trustworthy, that you are consistent. And obviously for me, the very first thing is and I know it sounds foolish to even mention this extensively. And that is do good work. If you are selling a product or service, make sure that it is good on. But you’re not ripping people off.

You may get away with it for a while, people will get away with it. But after, after sometime, people will start sharing, talking and bad mouthing you. If that is you, hopefully not my audience, my listeners. But if you’re doing good work, if you do, if you’re ripping people off, if you’re scamming people, if you’re not fulfilling your promise, then people will talk and talk about this in the previous episode or no, it’s actually a video of recorded that I was, which I talked about not advertising. Don’t advertise unless you’re ready to receive more people and also service them properly. Take care of them because people are going to trash you and you will eventually have toe close your business unless you have the the capital to stay in business and keep it going. Even though people are bad mouthing you on.

Your online reputation is trashed and nobody trusts you. But the key to do that to save you a lot of money and effort is just do good work. If you do good work, you are already ahead of the game. Everything else that I’m going to suggest you do to protect your brand and protect ensure that you’ll continue to have the trust that you need to grow will be It was just bonus, right? Do good work, word-of-mouth still exists. I don’t talk a lot about digital in the use and the benefits of it. But where the mouth people still talk a person, a person, one on one. But ultimately you will lose it. It was still talking and trash.

You won the one. And then on top of that, too many people do good work. Number one don’t lie, cheat or rip off people. You got that? I think we covered that. That’s, uh, covered that well right now. So let’s move on to pillar number one, um, of protecting your brand and that is own your brand. Um, what does that mean? That means that when somebody searches for you on Google apartment, my lighting is a little seems to be a little off, own your brand.

So somebody’s searches for you. They need to see basically everything you control everything that they see in the results, or at least more than half of it. Depending on how long your brand has been around for. Your company has been around. You need to control it. All right, Everything. And let’s be realistic, depending on how long you been around, Maybe just half of it. But you need to control it. The top results should definitely be yours.

People will look at the top two or 345 and then move on or pick one of those and try to get the information about you. But you need to control everything, because if you don’t, there’s gonna be too many opportunities for people to come in and say something negative about you.

And all of a sudden you’re trashed. Okay, we’ll talk a little bit about reviews here in a minute. But you want to make sure that if somebody writes an article about you or post the video with your name in that or your brand and the headline that that video isn’t automatically going to show up as a top result for your name of your brand and they’re trashing you, you will lose business almost instantly because of one of the top truth results.

That’s what way give the most credibility to clearly Google things that you’re not doing good work. And this video showed up. They’re gonna go click on it. Now you’re screwed. Um, own your brand. How we’re gonna do that? Well, number one by your domains by your name dot com. So I own TV either dot com by your brand name. Obviously, probably already have a website on. Try to buy any domains that are related to your brand. I would even give you bonus points if you buy your brand name plus reviews dot com. So, for example, Rockstar marketing reviews dot com TV a user reviews dot com Own it. Put some content on there. A bio. Maybe.

Maybe a video of you speaking to your service is and what you offer say something. A ZA relates to reviews like, Hey, if you’re looking for reviews about me, here they are. Or point him toward Geo. Whatever. Andre may be a link back to your regular website, your Facebook, whatever, but that is kind of a strategic way to get in front of the get in front of anybody. Maybe because they’re going to look you up people. We’re going to look up TV reviews, TV, Gator reviews or rock star marketing reviews. It’s going to do it. That’s one of the simplest churches that people usually do to try to find out if they can trust you. Um, so by your domains number to get every social media account, plus the handle for it on those, ideally is. Hopefully it’s already something unique, and you could get it now. But get

Excuse me, I don’t care how corny you think it is. It even talk is an example. You a snapshot you. And if you think that it’s useless and it’s not for your brand, and maybe you don’t post much content or any content be owned that because somebody could grab that from you So instagram Facebook, you too take talk. Snapshot of the ones that come to mind and any that pop up. Go ahead and buy them. You have to buy them, just get them, get them for your brand and control them because in the end you upset someone. Angry people are much more motivated to leave bad reviews. Number one really, really angry people.

And worse yet, if you upset a marketer R S C o person, I’ve known instances in which s C O guys ASIO marketers made it a point to trash individuals like to the point where it’s criminal. Andi made sure that they showed up their name. Nothing like some terrible stuff showed up on dhe. How much easier do you want to make it for them? If you don’t even own your own social media account, Social Media accounts with your brand associative do that and in many cases of social media accounts will show up for your brand, even though they may not even have much hunting because of the CEO value that those that YouTube have, they’ll show for as a top result for your Brent so owned that. Okay, um, next. So here’s a demo as a real life demonstration. Feel free to Google D one of these three. I have three very three brands that I kind of predominantly I’m known for the latest in the newest one that I, this one, that I’m really pushing a nurturing blue forward and into my career in the marketing sphere is TV. The marketer.

I wanted to make it easy, attach marketing marketer to my name, so I started really pushing for that. My pages call. It seemed the marketer. My instagram is TV, the marketers, So I made sure to change on my social media profiles to that YouTube, Facebook instagram, much like I suggested earlier. But search TV, the marketer you’re gonna find, I think I own every one of those. Whether it’s my website, whether it’s YouTube, like my podcast, they are all mine. So in case something crazy comes around, um, like this, let me back up a little bit. Even we do good work, no matter how hard you work. If you do, if you help enough people, you air inevitably gonna upset someone. It’s just not gonna work out on dhe. Some of them one of those individuals may be motivated enough to trash you. You want to make sure you control your brand.

For that reason, it is not to say that you’re bad people. It’s just inevitable. So you want to make sure to control it. Okay, so that’s basically the premise behind all this. You don’t want to be. You don’t want people to start not trusting you just because you did a bad job of protecting your brand on all of a sudden that one person goes out of the way traffic you and they can impact your business you want to be able to absorb that impact for that for that time when someone does leave the battery or just has a bad experience at a legitimate bad experience and they just want to make sure that the world knows that s o search my brand TV, The marketer Search my name TV I even our search of the older brand that I use and still post content to, which is Dallas marketing rock star. Those air brands that I use that people know me by, um and you’ll see, like basically what I’ve been.

I’m suggesting you do. I’ve done for myself because I want to make sure that people know that my stuff really works and that I own my stuff and that they can count on me taking care of them on dhe. I haven’t had any real bad reviews. In fact, I don’t think I have any, but if they happens, I know that I could absorb the impact. Um, here’s an interesting statistic and interesting fact I learned years ago, which is another reason to make sure you take care of your on.

My reputation is even after people recommend you after they give you a referral. See, person egg is a referral to person. Be person be. The studies show that we’re out of five people, including person be will still go Google and search your reputation even though person their friend person a suggested and told them that you were great. So all this stuff that I just mentioned becomes incredibly important because basically, they’re going to reaffirm that that review that recommendation, that referral that that person gave person that gave is indeed true. And they should trust you, right? So further reaffirming what I’ve already been saying. All right. Oh, Near brand.

Oh, no, no, only a brand. This is something I suggest anybody I don’t care. It doesn’t take a lot of money. Even if you don’t buy the domain, I would suggest you do in these fortune bucks. 10 bucks. I don’t know what that means. Cost now, but the other stuff, the social media accounts are for free. Just go. Go lock them down. Pillar number two, um, is getting online with you is this could be a little tricky a little time consuming. But, man, if you do it and you do it right because you’re doing great work. It’s really valuable. It can. It can help you grow your business for years and years to come. So when somebody gives you, somebody gives you a word of mouth referral.

Hey, you should go check this person now. You should go check t out. That’s Ah one No. One review. That’s a wonder one. Communications. This person does this person on great, highly recommended. Obviously, you want to have good word of mouth. But what online reviews allow you to do is have one too many so that one person can talk to hundreds of thousands of people when they see that review on Yelp, Google go listing or Facebook. So they are incredibly powerful, and they can live for years and years and years. I recently got a client found me on Yelp. Yelp is a powerful source of marketing, I suppose.

I don’t think I personally don’t care for their abs. I’m careful much else, but because they rang well for my brand. Those reviews, they’re very, very useful that I got years and years ago. E guess I could share striding around in a second, but you need to go out of your way, especially if you’re a local business to get the help your yelp page, your Google listing and then Facebook to be sure that it’s the type of a Facebook page account that allows you to get reviews on dhe, then start asking for reviews. So kind of a quick tip, quick hot tip that I had this idea years ago, um, had already been in business for 56 years, and it occurred to me, and I did this for my clients, where I would help him with her online reputation, managing that and growing it, Uh, it occurred to me that should do that for myself, and I had this on.

I think this is true for a lot of businesses, even if you’re just starting out. And there’s probably instances when you start looking in many cases for most businesses, Mrs Owners, consultants in small entrepreneurs, you do a lot of favors for people, right? You could do a lot of things for free or really cheap. I did a lot of that, um, and it finally occurred to me that I could ask those individuals for years. I did that for two or three years, where I was really doing things on the cheap are free and are decided to ask them. And it was like, what? You’re 50 people. So I started asking just I mean, they were under no obligation and do it for me, But I didn’t just frame it with Hey, remember how I was able to help you back there and charge you really cheap? Is there any way that you would plead that you could please leave me a review on Yelp Google for my two primary locations?

And of course, because they did appreciate what I did for them. They said absolutely a good number of people did. So My tip to you would be if you if that was you, that is you. Now go out and ask them for reviews. That is a very exchange for the cheap offer or the discounted service is that you may be paraded because you’re still trying to get your footing and get established. That could be the favor that you ask in return for that time that you give them the expertise that shuttle into that individual because then you can start building your online reputation and building that trust. So go do that right. Go ask them so. And so now we’re gonna go into the next step. How do you ask them things really easy. Just sending a message.

Cinnamon email called him. That would be really good. How about calling? Give him a call. But what I do is I just try to create a little try to make it as efficient as possible, is cracked a little email our message and say, Hey, obviously customize it for them. Don’t over template on copy. Paste too much, making sure that it’s still speaks to them on Ben just asked them. Most people. Have you done good work? Will say yes. Of course I would, but I will say this.

I mentioned it earlier. People that are feel like they’ve been done wrong are much more motivated to leave bad reviews and trash because they’re angry. They’re upset, Just did something wrong. And they they want to make sure that the world knows that you should not be trusted. Um, or is it going that please pardon me? So they’re the most motivated, and they’re gonna go out of their way. They’re needed in any encouragement. The people that are. You helped you solve their problem. Cut the air. You whatever your service you provide, you got home. They’re gonna go on with our life there, too. Happy there. You did what you’re supposed to do. That’s part of the deal.

Why should they have to leave you? It doesn’t need a part of them. Some people it does because it realized that you live and die by your reviews. So they’re gonna go out of their way. Some people are helpers. That’s what they do. But most people are gonna go on with their day, so they don’t even think about it. That’s why you need to ask. I love that Google now has the ability they literally encouraging you to share your link so you can get reviews used to be looked out upon.

I think it used to be against search terms. I think it’s against the upstream still, which I think is cooler. So just transparency. I think I haven’t dealt with them recently as intensely as I did in years past and maybe against their terms as reviews, however, have a heck of you’re supposed to get people to fill the marital bliss. They’re already adamant with viewers. Nice, but Google just allow they even give you a link. A go after reviews.

Use this link, but grab those who are Els from YouTube, Facebook, yelp, Facebook and Google, or whatever platforms he changed to collect reviews on Think my choices. You need to find out where people are at, because when you crap that messages and ask him hey, and really help appreciate it would go a long way toward school. In my business, Could you please leave a review? And if you have say those three links have the links to where they could go specifically, deliver, review and then maybe even say something along the lines of if you could leave a review wherever you feel most comfortable where you have an account already trying to make this simple for you obviously massage that message a little better. I’m just talking off the cuff right now. Andan send it is like I said, most people, my experience has been most people respond to say absolutely Some people ignore you because they’re too busy and they don’t want to be bothered. Um, most people will say yes. Um, now you need to nudge them.

The fact remains that there are busy where living our lives. We’re doing our thing, and they’re going to need to be nudged. So send a follow up message, especially if they said yes. I would definitely do it. And then cinema follow, paid by chance. Have you had a chance? Have you had an opportunity to leave that review? Nice little trick will be to say, acknowledge the situation. I know this is I’m sure you’re busy. Problem.

I hate to be a nuisance, but it really would help. Could you just want to see if you were able to post that review? Um, I really feel like I’m whispering, but my ears are just messing with me. Alice, I’m sorry if this comes out a little, it seems like the microphone levels are good, though. Um, but you’re gonna have to imagine that I would say not remind them two or three times. And after which point in time, If they don’t leave it by then, I personally just stop. I don’t want to be annoying either. Um, that I would leave it alone. Hopefully out of this by the time you’re done. If you ask 10 people, you have three or four reviews, and I would consider that a success.

You have three or four reviews that you didn’t have before, and they’re gonna help you grow because they’re going to stay there. Right? Um, I’m going back to the story about what? I did that when I did that very same thing years ago, I didn’t have a group of Google listed because they had problems with a yelp. Man, I 35 or 40 reviews I think I have 50 reviews total because because of the way Yelp works, the same thing with we’ll go to some extent, they have filters.

So I ended up having live reviews, maybe 35. At one point out of 50 or 60 we’re still a great number. Because at that point and still today a ce the most reviews of any marketer and Alice, if you research dollars marketer dollars. So seo that kind of stuff, my listing will show up, and I would have the most reviews. So that gives you credibility That gives you people were maybe the benefit down. Trust you. So this this strategy is specific to local businesses. Obviously yelp having a yelp page, but because of their filters, a bunch of them got thrown out. And over the years I think I just Google. It could come at 17. There’s still more than most people, but they’re filter for some reason.

Feels that they are no longer relevant or that maybe fate. Who knows the way it works? It’s is shrinking that big on Yelp. But get reviews. They’re on you. We’re going to have, especially with you going to get a bunch in there. I call the Flood in the system. I’m sure if I were to push more people to go to Yelp and leaving a review there, maybe it pushes out more of the others out because it has been kind of dormant for years. I haven’t done much with the open years. I’ve been really focusing on Facebook, especially now with the relaunch of the brand. But you’re going to have to play that game of having much more reviews. So be aware of, especially with the help if you ask that person leave review and they never have a Yelp review account and it created on the has no picture and you are the first review, more than likely a review will get. We’ll get filtered.

That’s just the fact. I’m not 100% of the time, but a good percentage of the time. Just so you know, there. That’s how you would get reviews this, but reminded by asking and reminding, having that already mindset, that you’re going to have to go back to him and then also being cool with the fact that most then we’re not going to do it. But it is a request you’ve done. They paid you. You’ve fulfilled your obligation, that film on yours. Anything above that is is too much. Have them answer these questions. If if if within the review, especially once they’re like when you wanted to say a lot of people would do that, what you want me to say, What do you do that? So these three questions you can have them answer.

Excuse me? Um, number one. What was her problem before coming to you? You know, I will also say this is ah hinging on the fact that is their private. It’s not something intimately private. It’s not, you know, something to do with their health that they don’t want to share or legal within the within those realms. And obviously you have to walk a much more fine line, and I’ll let you make that decision for yourself. But number one, what’s your problem before coming to you? Number two.

What objections did they have when they were trying to choose? You’re trying to figure out whether to choose you and number three. What were the results? The reason these these these are important is because you want an address objections that other people will have, because the facts are. If they had those objections, other people have them as well. So if you’re able to address them within the testimonial within that review, you will help get convert more people. They’re checking you out of reading that review, and they will see themselves in that person because chances are that they looked like him. Think like him, act like them, maybe have the same problems and have the same objections.

So have them answer those questions on dhe. Chances are people I’ve had people that will read the reviews, and that person wrote this thing, and that’s exactly what I was having an issue with those were my objections were my thoughts. My problems can You will find that you see in the day you find that not all reviews are the same you need because most people wanted reviews along the lines of He was great. Ha ha ha! Not sorry. He was great. He was amazing. I recommend him, and that’s good.

But is that that’s not as useful as one that interest these questions. So do that now bonus points. If you have an office, if you have someone that’s incredibly motive or just a location where you could do this, people are really motivated. You’ll have one or two. They’re like, I’ll do whatever you want. I asked them to record a video set aside some time, get a camera and get your iPhone. It doesn’t have to be flashy. It doesn’t have to be high production, but record a video of them leaving that review, saying and answering those questions. Those go a long way, especially if you’re able to put a face to it. People will let more credibility to those and those reviews than other others.

Then they would others way. We’re almost wrapping it up, so get those video reviews. Uh, next for GM website. Great. Make sure the onsite S c O has your brand name in it. So what that means is make sure that for home on your site, there’s things that you can change The onsite s seo search engine optimization. Make sure those elements speak to your brand. In many cases, if that’s not done, it will be like your home page will be safe home or it’ll say, maybe your business. And that’s common. Make sure that that’s in place. Feel Frito. Go to YouTube and Google that for specifics around that, um lastly Greek content with your brand name and title in the actual body. So does that mean, like, literally create a block post?

Create a YouTube video created Facebook page Facebook? You make sure your Facebook page name is It is your branding, but create content with that in it. So created specifically back to post something that says, Maybe, like, who is TV? The marketer or behind behind the TV? The marketer brand something that has it in there and then has it an actual content? YouTube videos were really good. I personally will just included in the headline like a subject of the video plus TV. The marketer by TV the marketer.

Andi, I’ve done enough of that tour. I’m going to stop doing it because it’s I just want to make it a cleaner title. But you do enough of that, and you’re gonna find that those videos that content is gonna rise to the top. Google? Um, yeah, Okay. Also videos and the back post to make sure you have the key words and tags keywords within your block post. If you’re using WordPress or anything somewhere into that and tags in your videos, you can add tax there. Make sure it’s your brand. I have been doing that for the last three or four months. That’s reason that many of my videos also show up for my brand. Do that you absolutely be able to dominate for your brand name and create trust online.

You trying to nurture that trust, and we’re also trying to amplify the good work that you’ve done, which leads me to my last book. Be good to people. Do them right. Do what you promise you’re gonna do them When they brought you on with the page before what they’re giving their when they’re giving their time to you, do good work. It’s incredibly important if you do that even when you if you were to do only a fragment of percent of small percentage of what I suggested, you should be fine.

I’m always reminded of this quote by Warren Buffett, and I love it is. I find it to be true. It takes 20 years to build a reputation in five minutes to ruin it. Remember that it takes 20 years to build a reputation in five minutes to ruin it. Obviously, this is a quote, but I think that the message is clear and it is true. It won’t take very long for you to ruin your reputation. I’ve witnessed and, unfortunately seen way too many people do that very same thing. We live in a crazy world that air.

If you do something bad there, eagles eager to amble by that and put that out into the world. And maybe you’re doing good work. But if you’re not owning your brand, you’re going to you’re going to lose a lot of business and your reputation protected. This is that’s what allows you to grow boot into the future. That’s our show for today. Like I said, I’m actually curious what this is gonna sound like because everything is distorted in my ears right now. I thank you for watching Look forward to next week’s episode.

Feel free to send us your questions in. The Albany will love to answer them on the show or message me directly. The avenue questions. My name is TV marketer and remember, if you’re not marketing effectively and consistently business, have a great day. Appreciate you on. We’ll talk. So thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of the TV marketing show podcast. Listen, I like you. You like me? At least I think it doesn’t make it Facebook official. Follow us on Facebook by searching for TV the marketer.

And while you’re at it, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our channel on YouTube, too. Yeah, that would be fantastic. Tune in next week for the next episode of the TV marketing show. My name is TV, The Marketer and you’ve just been a rock