The Kim Kardashian Effect/Episode

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Another episode is in the books. We called this one the Kim Kardashian Episode.

Her superpower?
Developing and cultivating a massive audience that loves her. I lost a woman I dated once because I made a bad joke about Kim. I learned my lesson.

I spoke at length about how he has seen Kim K. grow her empire over the years to the point where she is commanding massive paychecks for simple Instagram posts.

Hit the play button and learn how you can develop your audience at a much smaller scale.

Too many businesses, brands, and nonprofits ask for the sale/donations with little to no relationship with the small audience they do have.

Not a good look and so ineffective. Learn from Kim K.

Check out the video and tune in next Tuesday at 11am for the next episode of the Teevee Marketing Show.

Feel free to send me any questions you may have and I’ll make sure to answer them on the show.

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Hello and welcome to TV marketing show Podcast. This is the audio version of our weekly Facebook live show that broadcasts every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Central to search for TV The market on Facebook If you want to live, our show focuses on delivering valuable digital marketing and advertising information for small local business.

We share strategies that you should be aware of and can easily implement for yourself. We also share big news and trends that you need to know to keep you up to date on the ever changing digital landscape. Today’s episode, titled The Kim Kardashian F or What Kim K and Family had taught me about developing and nurturing a huge, powerful community. An audience or episode for Let’s Jump into it.

Hello, everyone. I am TV the Marketer and welcome to the TV marketing podcast. Today we’re calling this episode the Kim Kardashian episode or what Kim K. Taught what Kim K and the family have taught me about nurturing community and audience to take over the world. It’s incredibly powerful.

She is a case study about what’s possible about with possible when you leverage moments in your life events and continue to grow and the A naughty insp continue to grow an awareness to the point where you become a huge enterprise. Her and her family, her, her sister’s, all our major enterprises, major moguls, business moguls. And it’s done because of the the massive audience that they have. So last week we talked about getting attention.

We talked about why to get it, how to get it, how to keep it and why It’s all important. Um, Kim K. Kim Kardashian is a great example of this. She literally her initial big splash in the Hollywood celebrity world was actually a sex tape. I don’t know if you remember that I do. It was crazy. I never seen it. In fact, I don’t watch the show. Never seen the sex tape, never bought any of her stuff. I just know she is. You can’t help not know who she is. That’s how bigger audiences.

Eventually, I became aware of her, but at the same time, I didn’t care for her. I’m not her target audience, and that’s fine. Um, I have opinions about her. They don’t really matter because it’s I’m not her target audience. In fact, crazy story.

Many, many years, one of many. But the five or six years ago I used to date a girl, Um, a woman takes a day. There’s a woman on Guy. I think I shared a silly, goofy thought about her, and it wasn’t personal, but it was a joke and she took offense to it. She was really upset by this joke, and she felt like it was just bad, which is fine. But it was. She was so offended by it that, needless to say, within a week we stopped talking. We stopped dating. That’s how passionate her fans are.

I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t know it was that big a deal, but they’re very, very passionate. And I guess, in a way, it men are speaking. That’s exactly what you want to cultivate with the audience that you create. So let’s jump into the analogy. I said, I’ve never watched a show when everybody in your stuff because I’m not her target audience. Um, let’s look at the audience that she does have. So over the years, she leveraged that sex tape that splash into different opportunities and eventually got a show on the E network wherever that became incredibly popular and to the point where now, as of today, I actually looked to get the live stats.

She has 154 million followers on Instagram. I didn’t know that, and he was in the millions of 154 million followers on Instagram, Which makes sense because I’m about to share something else as it relates to instrument. She has 29 million on Facebook, 1.53 million on YouTube.

That’s actually her smallest audience of 1.53 um, 60 to 62.7 million on Twitter. Um, now, because of this fan base, she literally and this is the big lesson is, once you cultivate a big fan base, millions of people, let’s just say you can literally put anything in front of them and they will probably buy it.

A good portion of them will buy. It will support it, whatever it may be because there’s just so many people. It doesn’t even matter what it is. However, obviously, Kim K has mastered the art of making sure that it’s in line with our audience. She has a highly active, highly engaged audience that buy stuff. How do I know that? Well, there was an article recently that I ran across that shared that she her instagram posts go sponsored posts.

So someone a business comes to her and says, I want you to promote something for me through your instagram feed your instagram post. Oh, Charles, um come to find out that she commands anywhere from 3 to $500,000 per instagram post 3 to $500,000 per instagram post that on some Super Bowl type of stuff, How much people are willing to pay for that? So what does that say? That says that advertisers now know that if they put their message, their ad in front of her audience, her channel basically, um, there’s enough. Enough of percentage of them are gonna turn into clients that will justify that expense 305 $100,000.

That also proves that a good portion of them were pulled out their credit card there will their buyers. And that’s the best thing that marketers want. We all want to be able to identify who the buyers are. Well, apparently, her audience is a crazier part of that is in some instances, she even takes a stake in that company. She would take a percentage of the company equity. If I guess if she feels like it’s a good enough product and instead of them given her 3 to $500,000 she’s like, Hey, I’ll take a percentage I don’t know.

The article didn’t necessarily say how much, but I would imagine it’s enough that it offsets that 305 100 K that she loses to where she becomes a freaking owner in the company. That’s how huge she is. And people, enough people have taken her up on that, that it’s like she literally is building an enterprise of massive, massive enterprise. So kudos to her I have, like, I just wantto is that as I love it, um, there we go. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this smaller.

Why don’t you do that earlier? Crazier even, is that she even has the president’s ear. She literally has helped get some people off of death row because of her audience because of her presence against anything political. But that’s the point being is she has the power to be able to get in front of president. Go figure. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned here. Let’s bring it back to the common man and woman. You and I all right.

One second, get a drink of water. One of the biggest problems that I see many of the businesses on nonprofits and just brands that I have consulted with and worked with over the years is way too often. They’re asking for something without cultivating any relationship and a community they’re asking for the sale. They’re asking for a call there asking without having created anything. Now, having said that, let me back up a little bit. I myself actually run Lee generation campaigns, and depending on the industry, you can ask for the So if you’re a dentist, you could say, Hey, Mr Person, Mr Person with teeth Are you interested in a free teeth cleaning?

Give us your name, number and email, and we’ll call you so we can book consultation, a book, a time for you to come in. That’s more direct, right? Yes, that’s very possible. Incredibly possible. But most people can’t offer that are. Most people don’t have the capacity, don’t have the budget for that, um, even if they do, they don’t.

They’re not willing to invest it. That’s the time into creating the content. So back to my original point, too many companies, too many brands are trying to ask for the sale without having cultivated the community without having developed it.

They literally just go to their audience of 100 say, Hey, by my thing, show up to my thing and that’s not the right way to go about it. They hardly ever hear from you, Becca. So I’m going to use an example that’s near and dear to my heart, cause I’ve seen it way too many times, and that’s non profits. Nonprofits do incredible work toe help in the world in America to help with hunger. Homelessness pats all these types of different things that matter in the world. Great causes, and the only time that many of them are actively looking to reach out to their audience and cultivate an audience is when they want money, when there when they need to ask.

Because, for example, in dollars or Texas, they have something called North Texas giving day where if you donate a dollar, some companies, some enterprise will match that dollar, so it’s a big deal because millions of dollars were raised through these efforts. And then I think in Austin they have something called Amplify Austin. Same idea. And the problem is that in many of those cases, this is the only time that they speak to their audience or their target audience is the only time they’ll advertise.

Even during those times, I see so much stuff from these nonprofits from people I had never heard off that throughout the year. I haven’t heard of them until that moment. Or perhaps they’re looking to get people to attend their gay leather annual gala, which they raise money to actually help pay for the next year or pay for scholarships or whatever. Maybe that’s the only time they look to for outreach. That’s only time they’re putting out content.

And also no, I understand that many nonprofits are actually very bootstrapped, are very limited, and resource is creating content advertising having money available. However, with the Internet with social media, you have the ability to do it a session affordable cost. What would you be doing if it didn’t exist as a nonprofit? Would your nonprofit even exists because in previous eras you that’s advertising major brands, major paper, print news, all that stuff billboards doesn’t only way to get in front of eyeballs. The Internet and social media allows you to do it much more officially, much more affordably. What would you be doing? Would your nonprofit even exist?

You have to invest sometime and some money. It doesn’t have to be large amounts in actually cultivating that audience throughout the year. That is the big problem that I see. And that is the big solution creating that audience. So when the time comes for you to actually ask for a donation in, I believe of September October when, like North Texas given day was going down, they have been hearing from you all year, right? They know you are. They understand and love the cause that you are involved in.

They’re more than willing to be at least receptive to you asking, or they will share it for you if it’s a great opportunity if it if they know someone that could benefit from it or they just like you, right, you’re sharing valuable content throughout the year and developing their relationship and develop in their community, grow in that community. Um, one second. But you do have to invest in time so I don’t have a nonprofit, but I kind of do so. I have this side passion project called Kids Passion KizPassion.

Um, it is basically a nonprofit I run is a nonprofit. I’m not looking to make money from it yet. Um, but earlier in the year decided it’s a dance. Let me back up. It’s a dance, a page dance brand Keys on was to be specific. Feel free to go with that. If you’re interested. K i z o MBA, um, urban kids point being is very much a nonprofit. The idea behind it is to attract people into the community and ultimately bring them out to events, to attend, to take classes and to just join our community.

Earlier in the year, I decided to really push hard at it, and it’s become a place where I test a lot of theories. A lot of things that I’m using here with my clients on both myself. In terms of creating an audience content creation and promotion. I’ve had 20 or 30 events over the course of the last nine or 10 months, and I’ve learned that it’s actually you can do it affordably almost without fail. Depending on the week, I’ll spend 5 to $10.5 dollars proposed, and if I do three or four posts out, spend $10.20 dollars. I spent almost at least minimum of $5 a dollar per day. Um, and the reason I bring this up is to kind of give you a real world implementation example of where I’ve implemented this.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. It’s kind of so sustaining. I received donations here there, but I want to just still grow it. I wanted to put it out there, so I advertise opposed the photo of mean, Um, the event will spend more money on the events promotion that I will on the actual day to day post.

But I spend some money every day. You should be looking to put out a piece of content that’s engaging its pond. It’s entertaining that people that if you put some money behind it and get it in front of a few more people, you’re growing your audience. You put together that over week after week after week is cumulative, and you will start to get a good audience of people that look forward to your content. At this point, kiss passion has grown. I’m actually have some other strategies I’m implementing, so we’re pushing 10,000 likes over there.

But locally, there’s a few 1000 people that are highly into highly aware and looking forward to the conference. Every single time I post something people are liking, commenting, sharing because I’m trying to make sure that it’s entertaining. It’s informative. It’s educational, all those things. It has to be those things. If you do that, you’re more likely to succeed those air I used as an example, like $1 a day. If you’re a non profit and you can’t afford $1 a day, you need to rethink being.

And if you’re a business and you can’t afford $1 a day and you’re truly passionate about growing it and you can’t spend that $1 you need to rethink whether you should be in business. And I’m not. I hate to be like that, that kind of person, but I also want to be really like with Internet, social media. Your you have permission to grow. You have permission and access to grow an audience at a very affordable cost. As long as you’re willing to invest time and some money, you can do it without the money.

But then you better be investing a lot more time and cultivating relationships with other brands. Other people out there that you could be partnering up with and sharing your content perhaps, but I would recommend it. Lee spending a dollar a day, but everyone has the stories that they can share. Nonprofits You. You can share stories around the homeless that you fed the mom’s. You’ve helped out of abusive relationships, the Children that you’ve given scholarships to the military that you’ve given to and the puppies that you save these air stories right?

Use them, leverage them, put them out there. Let them work that the world know what your causes what as a company, as a lawyer, as a dentist, let the world the smiles that you’re giving to people the lives that you’ve helped to repair. The people that you helped get out of jail out of false accusations. These air stories right? Obviously within the legal. I do understand there’s legal ramifications. You don’t want to release their names, but you could still tell that story. Right?

Um, so think about those things in instances where you can share stories. Um, Then once you put that out there, put the money behind it. If you really want to grow it a list at least a little bit more aggressively than organically put money into it. I actually did a I did a presentation. I was on a panel for North Texas giving day really good this year. That’s why it’s kind of top of mind. And somebody asked the question, Is it worthwhile to post content on Facebook specifically, If only if people aren’t seeing it, is it? Is it worth your time? Well, yeah, of course, is not worth your time with nobody seeing it, but they’re not seeing it.

So if you have 100 people that like your page, the stats says there may be two or three people two or three people, 2% present or 3% that will see your posting content organically. That’s sad, right? Do you have 100 people you worked hard to get those likes, and only two or three of them are going to see it. Well, that’s because your stuff may not be very engaging, so people need to be engaging with your stuff so the algorithm will notice. Serve it up organically, a way to get around it.

Well, one is. Make sure the content is good. Don’t just share crap. Sorry crap if you’re not entertained or fuel informed by, don’t share it. But so it’s a good piece of content. Great. It’s a good story, one that really pulls at the heartstrings, going back to the nonprofit example, um, post it and then advertised to it. Get people to engage with, at the very least, advertised of the people that have already liked your page. You can do that. Then they engaged with it. They stop. They look at it, they click. They like the comment they share Now, as it happens over time, and you post something new because they engage with it, they’re more likely to see it organically without the ad.

That’s how you start kind of getting around there because ultimately Facebook is trying to show stuff that people are interested in. They want people to engage with. And they’re willing to give it to you for free if their people are engaging with it. I use that word way too much, but they’re engaging with it, right? They’re tracking everything that we do it. If you just stop, hold it. They’re going to stop there. They’re tracking that metric of the actual stop.

That’s engagement doesn’t show in the reports. But that’s engagement. Everything natural. Click through the common, obviously like in common insurance. Um, so then you’re able to actually get around the fact that very few people are engaging our organically seeing it because you have to invest that money. All right, invest the money. All right, moving on. Um, we’re going back to Kim K a little bit. You know, She taught me that you literally can do You can promote anything to your audience.

Once you have that platform, you’ve grown them. You’ve nurtured them. They love you that like you, they trust you. That’s what you’re looking to build his trust, trust, trust, right? I said that last week. In last week’s episode, I’m seeing the same thing universally with all athletes. They’re understanding that, and then this is especially important because many athletes say football athletes and basketball they only have a certain shelf life, and they’re coming to realize that they don’t. That’s that’s not it.

They can build a brand around their name, their likeness or logo. Everything. Their vision that will live, outlive them. They can build enterprises that they can hand down in the old days. If you’re a football player, you have your shelf life. You have your money, Um, and you fell out of relevance. Now you you know, that doesn’t necessarily have to be true to LeBron’s and a great example of that. Katie are great examples of that. Steph Curry to me are all great examples of how they’re growing their audience. I mean, I had this thought. Steph Curry’s wife has a show by virtue of his audience, right? She’s charismatic, and she has her own talents, but because of his audience, he’s she’s able to leverage that into her audience. But everybody has that opportunity to continue to grow and then splinter off into smaller brands or and continue grow.

Their brand continued to grow their band and awareness their name even after they stop playing the sport. That’s incredibly powerful. Okay, um, so what if you’re just a chef? I’m looking at you two nations. If you’re in the house, a dancer. Hey, Charles. Attorney. You’re a dentist. You don’t need millions. Could use a few 1000. Start with one. But know that. Obviously, I’ve been talking about millions, but doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be. Millions will be a few 1000. It could be one to start off. So in this example, right now, how many people do I have in here? No, it’s a great example. In most cases on this show, I have zero.

Like, right now, I know that I had a couple people popping. Um, that’s okay. You have to be willing to start at zero. To cultivate an audience. A growing audience had to show up, produced the content. So when people come to the page, they will actually see stuff that you’re producing It lend some credibility, and they can hear you speaking expertly at expert level about the topic that you’re focused on so it doesn’t have to be thousands, but it could start with one. Now, I know that right now they’re zero, and they’re they’re zero in the past, it will grow. I know this. You have to prove that you’re willing to do this consistently. I am building basically a TV station.

Are you still here? I want to show it stupid. It doesn’t show you anyone in the room? Thanks, brother. Thanks for being, um so I’m building a TV station of one. You can do that too. You can build your own TV station now with Facebook. Live instagram live YouTube alive. Anybody can do that. Charles is a great example of someone that actually hasn’t done that. He’s built a massive brand around himself. A Carla. Why didn’t they show me that people are in the house?

Anyhoo, um, you can build a brand now. Show that behind the scenes show what you’re doing. Set up a show like this where you’re talking about your thing. If you’re a chef and maybe you do catering talk about the opportunity just had come up. What kind of dishes? They’re asking you to prepare how you’re going to go about it. Some things that you’re gonna have to think about. Share that, um, then share when it’s all coming together. This is our content that you could be putting out to the world.

Or perhaps you just want to teach. And that’s actually a great idea and one that many people have done over the years. Just reproduce what’s already worked right. Reproduce success, model success, I believe somebody says, Um, show somebody how to cook a certain dish. Do it weekly. Go about it, prepare it. What ingredients are needed doing Facebook Live around it. You can create your own station of started cultivating audience, even if it’s just a few 100 starting out No. One but eventually to a few 100. And the big lesson here is for me with zero or two. Thank you. No matter how small it is, I’m gonna advertise this. I’m advertising this broadcast nationally.

I’m going to advertise anybody that’s in business. Have Facebook. Page is an attorney is dentist is a chiropractor. They’re going to see this content, and little by little, the idea is to create an audience of people that are looking forward to it or are watching it later. So this is not not for it is not going unused and for and it’s not going to waste is one insane I’m going to advertise. It’s what I’ve been doing in the previous episodes has helped me create other content.

The podcast, the website post, the instagram, all these things I’m leveraging. So even though you started zero, you start leveraging up, especially if you put the money into it. So what do you talk about? Going back to what we talk about? Whatever it is you talk about, make sure as an individual brand and company, make sure that you’re informing, entertaining and educating one of those three or combination there in. If you’re not doing that, of course they’re gonna keep scrolling. It’s gonna be worthless for them.

What value are they getting out of it? Make sure to give your time and expertise. Always think about that. All right. Um and then that’s what I mean. As I said earlier, you can start your own station. The power in this is the consistency, right? Eventually having enough people just know have hundreds, if not thousands, that you have to have 10 or 20 people show up and asking me questions. So if you do have a question, feel free to ask it, Um, but doing a consistency consistently

And that’s probably one of the success of one of the reasons I’ve been successful with the kid’s passion stuff. My brand there is, I’m consistently posting stuff. I have a program now and then. How kind of a structure around what I’m going to post and put out there and even doing the events that I do. They’re consistently they’ve consistently been happening for the last nine or 10 months to where people can anticipate. For them.

Audience has grown tremendously over the last nine or 10 months, and because I’m advertising and re targeting people no one here and that I’m here to help them. And the content that I’m sharing is informational, educational or just funny means by the wave has blown me away out. How means how we just speaking means but find a Mame account in your niche. I found several as faras dancing is related is it relates to dancing. I share one or two. I mean,

I went one week where I shared one name a day and it was crazy. People love them. People share them, and it talks about topics that are relevant to the dance community, so people are engaging with it. So it doesn’t always have to be original content, but post content. Get them engaged, get them sharing. Your brand will continue to grow. Okay, here’s another story. What were yet now in time? Oh, we’re going long. So wrap it up here shortly.

There is another story of another client that I have. His name is Fernando. He’s an immigration attorney here in Dallas. His story is unique in that he doesn’t post at all outside of what I post for him. And that content is video videos that I go into shoot at his office. I then edit them and then post them on his Facebook page. Those are actually the only pieces. Well, there’s a few others, but 99% of content on his page is just that, however, and then we advertise aggressively. Hey hires me to actually promote that material all across the country. Those videos and over the course of the last six years that we’ve been working together. His audience right now is write at 13,208 people.

Specifically, I looked it up. These are people that have like this page on their very own accord. we didn’t ask for any likes. We were totally just share valuable information related to the niche that he’s in. These were the only post he has.

But the key to it is that we’re promoting very aggressively every single month and has gone to the point that every month people every day, just about people are messaging him, especially as big things happen in the immigration field. Their messaging him to find out what his thoughts are about X. What do you think we should do about why? What should people be considering their acts asking for this information? Because he’s become a trusted, reliable source?

He’s been consistent enough over the years and been in their face enough that people are looking forward to him. So I share that just to say that you don’t have to create content every single day. You could take it his route and produce less content, but it’s just very powerful, and you put advertising money behind it, and it just goes out to the masses. Okay, got 13,000 people that follow him like his page, but he’s got millions. I’m in this video audience that we created cultivate millions of people that we can easily just tap into at a moments notice when we put out a new video on DDE that is powerful. Just think about that. If you’re looking to go a different route, you don’t have the time.

You know you don’t want you just don’t have the time to invest into into it. But you have money. If you don’t have money, then you need to invest the time put in the blood, sweat and tears into putting that content together and you will reap the rewards over the course of time. All right, um, next It’s a big takeaway. Start sharing. Now start posting. Now, Carl, I’m talking to you. Start creating regular content. Maybe once a week, A show where you share post what women should be considering if they’re pregnant and they’re looking to do yoga at home and eventually, you know.

Hey, you want to come to my shop? You want to come to my workshop? My classes? I have them every week. Come on down. But you, uh, an idea would be to start sharing that type of information, recording those videos. Um, be willing to have no one in the house, but I know that if you just do it consistently, people will start showing up. Um, and I really like this show. I really have come to like doing this because it forces me to stay really sharp. They really in to know what’s going on.

So that way, by the time I get back on the show, I know what I want to talk about. I have a strategy. I have almost like a curriculum. Last week we talked about attention. This week we’re talking about audience, not sure we’ll talk about next week. Maybe I’m thinking maybe some more direct Lee generation type of strategies and ideas that people can implement. But it forces me to stay really sharp and be thinking about marketing throughout the day every day than in ways. And I think of topics that I could be sharing with you on things that you could benefit from. And that’s my end goal is that if you even if you don’t hire me, there’s things that you can take away from this show that you can implements for yourself that will possibly impact your business and help the world like people. Are I eager eager to devour your content if they knew what you do, put that message out to the world. So that way they can then receive the benefit. You know, that’s what we’re all trying to do. We’re trying to help someone, right? Build that audience.

Um, see what I got next. I believe that’s it. Just know that if you eventually build it, maybe you’ll get two millions. I’m looking to do that with my actual my dance brand. Maybe one day I started charging $50,000 proposed. Maybe not, but point being is with that one of the last note on that one. I decided to go big like pushing to 10,000 likes went international because I want to build the brand to the point where in the near future I might do a festival. And to do a festival you have to have numbers on.

The best way to do that is to bring in people internationally. Love the brand. No, we’re doing, um, I have have built the audience at that point that it’s just a matter of them putting it out to them and saying, Hey, I have a festival in Dallas. Maybe you should come. It’s gonna be fun, blah, blah, blah. It’s no longer I’m no longer trying to reach. I won’t be reaching out to them after the fact. I will have them in my audience and they will have been developed and that we’re receiving my content and there will be engaged. It’ll be easy. It’s almost pretty.

I’m pretty certain at that point the event, the festival would be rather successful. And, uh, that makes me pretty happy. All right, that’s it for today. Thank you very much. Very much for tuning in. We’re listening in to the podcast if you’re listening to this later on YouTube. I really appreciate you your time, Charles. If you’re still now, I still don’t know who’s in here. Charles. Carl, I appreciate you for tuning in, um, tune in next week. Same time Tuesday, 11 a.m. I’ll make sure to get that correct.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly. I will answer the questions on air. If you have a small business that needs help or you need some consulting, feel free to reach out. Visit my Web site at rockstar dot marketing, www dot rock star dot marketing to check out more about who I am and what I do. Um, until then, just know this. And remember this If a a there you go.

If you’re in business and not marketing effectively and consistently, are you really in business?

Think about that till next week. Have a great day. Thank you for tuning in. That was a really good episode. Thank you for tuning in one. Go out there and start creating your audience today. Even it’s just one person Tune in next week for the next episode of the TV marketing show. My name is TV, the Marketer and you’ve just Been rocked.