The Attention Episode: How to Get and Keep It

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In today’s episode we talk in depth about attention.
Why is it important? Where to get it? How to get it? And how to keep it?
Lose this battle and you might as well just shut the business down. Win it…. and your business flourishes.
But why bother?
Getting and keeping people’s attention generates trust over time. Win people’s trust and you will earn people’s business and attention for life.
Watch the episode to get all the juicy details and cool tips to help you along the way.
I share long term and short term strategies to help you grow your business and reach.
Tune in next week for another episode of this thrilling and exciting show. It’s guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.
Date and time:
December 24th @ 11am
See you then!

Hello and welcome to the Teevee Marketing Show.

My name Is Teevee the Marketer Coming at you from good ol’ Dallas, Texas.

Our show is focused on sharing about today strategies and tactics to help you grow your small business by using digital marketing and advertising on all our favorite creepy social media platforms.

We also will be sharing digital news and trends that could impact your business.

Today’s episode is titled The Attention Episode.

Why is it valuable? Where to get It, how to get it and finally, how to keep it.

Let’s get right into it.

Hello, everyone. I am Teevee the marketer from Rockstar.Marketing, where we help our clients generate more revenue, increase exposure and ultimately kick ass by advertising online and creating cool content that people love in today’s episode.

Actually, I’m gonna call today’s episode the “ATTENTION EPISODE” because that’s what we’re gonna talk about, and that’s what we’re gonna focus on. Without it. Uh, nobody’s listening to you. If you don’t have attention, you’re speaking to an empty room, and this is a topic that I talk about a lot because it’s at the foundation is a foundational elements of doing any kind of marketing, and frankly, it’s a foundational elements of life.

If you don’t have people’s attention, If you don’t have your kids attention, chances are you’re just not They’re not gonna obviously not listening to you. So therefore, not following through on whatever it is you’re asking, so attention is key and everything.

So let’s start off with asking this question that I get a lot answering this question, that I get a lot. Which is, um, does this digital stuff work? Does the digital marketing work and where should they be spending their time?

Where should they be spending their time marketing? My business is when people ask me questions.

So Number one is Does it work? Yes, and that is because that’s where everybody’s attention is.

In days of old, people would consume content on TV that watch primetime shows that watch the news. They watch everything on TV. That’s how they would consume a majority of their content. Um, then they would also listen to the radio.

Every radio station radios used to be thriving. Radio stations used to be big business, so if he wanted to get in front of those people listening to music their attention was there, you could advertise on the radio. Then, of course, was happening right now what I didn’t do.

Um And then, of course, we have print magazines and newspapers.

They used to be huge, used to go into stores and read magazines everywhere because people were buying magazines around cars and beauty and hobbies. I didn’t realize there was so many magazines until I started getting to marketing magazines for just about every subject you can imagine.

Chess magazines, airbrush, Photoshop, graphics magazines for everything. So people’s attention was there. But obviously fast forward to today Those all those mediums have basically been crushed.

Their business models have been crushed because their attention is no longer there or not in the same numbers that they were back then I think there’s still be a place where all of them, But these businesses have to restructure the way they do business to try to get advertising dollars, because attention has moved here right where we’re at right now that is moved here.

So if they want, if you want to watch a show, you can have prime time on your phone any time. You don’t have to wait till 7 p.m. On Tuesday. The watch, Seinfeld or friends or whatever Cosby show from back in the day.

You don’t have to do that anymore. You know you can wait. It’ll be recorded on your YouTube TV or on who or whatever. Everything is mood to your digital devices or your laptop you don’t need or even your streaming TV that you can you can broadcast all these same things is no longer on the traditional TV platforms. And with the addition of all the streaming APS from NBC Who, Lou Netflix, you name it Disney Plus, which has been a pretty good success. I imagine we’re no longer watching traditional TV. Sorry, I’m pointing because there’s a TV in front of me.

We’re no longer watching traditional TV because we don’t need to. We don’t need to be on their schedule. HBO. Okay, so newspapers, same thing. Same newspapers and magazines. Where do we get our information from?

Obviously, almost the entire Internet pretty much crushed them. Between the blog’s Facebook YouTube. You can get almost all your content. There are your news if you really want to in real time, Supposedly please hold.

I have something So it’s destroyed those business models as well, because the Internet pretty much crushed it. We could get our information from blog’s, hopefully blog’s. We trust they’re not random misinformation tackle sites, so we don’t need necessarily to watch the news. And radio.

Well, we have Spotify. You have soundcloud. Have a ton of audio and radio music streaming app that you can listen to on your schedule.

I joke around that between YouTube and Spotify. My daughters will never know what it’s like to have to wait to record a song that they they love and hope that the deejay shuts up so they can actually listen to it and record it without the DJs voice that will never understand that they will never know what it means to await Now, in this age of instant gratification and go to YouTube or Spotify, or where we’re and get the music you want in a moment’s notice on a whim, you basically have the entire radio starting music catalog at your disposal.

But in those platforms, by the way, Spotify soundcloud specifically have advertising platforms as well, where you can put your message in front of people that listen to a specific type of music much like you would with traditional radio. Okay, the point is, everyone’s attention is on these platforms is on the Internet. It’s on their devices. It is no longer in the traditional places. So wherever attention is where you need to be there she brings me to my next big point. If Facebook goes away tomorrow, where people’s eyeballs gonna go worse, where’s people’s attention gonna go? Well, I don’t know, but I guess that’s probably more YouTube. Instagram Twitter is probably gonna go through the roof.

People’s eyeballs are gonna go somewhere. They’re not necessarily going to go back to any traditional format. They’re just gonna go somewhere else digitally. And that’s where you need to focus on As long as people’s attention is on any digital platform, go there. That’s where you need to go. Spend your time, your money, your energy. In creating content related to that, you need to go where attention is, and as long as you can discover that as long as you’re paying attention to paying attention to what’s going on in your market and with people usage were their ad on their phones. Like Go outside. If you’re dense, is a doctor. If you were in an auto shop while they’re waiting, go outside and check out kind of poke over their head or ask them Hey, what do you What do you visiting on Dhe? That’ll give you an indication of where people’s attention.

This because that’s what you need to be. Okay, so as long as there is lonely, he can figure that out, you can figure out what you need to be. And for now, it’s gonna be all digital for the foreseeable future. It will be digital. Okay, um, now you know where they’re at. How do you get their attention? Right? You know where attention is? You know where their eyeballs are at How do you get them to stop? Because we’re basically zombies were scrolling zombies. I said, the last. We’re scrolling, scrolling, cat, scrolling, mean, mean, mean, scrolling, scrolling.

And somehow or another, you have to interject yourself into that into that scroll and get them to stop yet to have a foam stopper. You have to have something that gets them to stop and say, Whoa, What is this? And how do you How do you How do you get their attention? Because of the other day everything like I just mentioned earlier you to Facebook.

All the streaming platforms, radio life, Children work has their attention billboards or driving crazy truck like our attention is very limited. And we’re trying to fight for that from other people. Right? So how do we get it? Okay, let’s talk about that. Uh, so number one and this actually have a video? And when I posted it to YouTube, link it, um, Lincoln in the video up here.

How do you get attention? Number one is on. This kind of encompasses everything else I’ll say is give You have to give especially on social media platforms, where you’re trying to get attention, and you’re trying to interrupt them, basically, interrupt them in rejecting yourself into the conversation into their scrolling, not to give something. You have to entertain them or make them feel smarter.

Educate them in a way. So that way they feel smarter when they finish consuming your content. So you have to give that takes time. That takes effort. Onda has any fun engaging. It has to be something. Maybe you have a thought. You want to say your message you want to convey? It has to be ideally. Obviously it’s gonna take time with some creative juices and has to be fun engaging Something different, if it’s just huge, is blabbering on with no real thought. And it’s It’s like you don’t think about doing it some in some creative way.

Chances are they’re gonna keep going. They’re not going to stop. Um, so I always think about that. When you’re posting something, is it? Fun Is an educational is entertaining and last maybe isn’t inspiring. Is it something to make him go?

That means something, you know. It touches them in the fields, as the kids say, Um, it has to be one of those four things to get them to stop, and it has to be evident quickly. Um, so quick, pro tip. The first line of the description is critical. If you’re running an ad to give you a space to put a headline, and once again, I’m an ad guy, so always talking about as well right now I’m trying to focus more on the organic piece.

So if you put some content together, if the video, it’s a picture post or it’s just a regular post with content with just words with copy bat first Line is incredibly important. You need to make sure that it’s captivating their attention. It’s it’s attention grabbing. It’s a quote, maybe from a previous client that you helped. I’ll speak to that here in a second, but it’s something that captures their attention.

Try not to make a click baby and misleading. Always make sure that it isn’t cause basement will actually spank you. For that. They don’t want click baiting him, or they pinpointed that That’s terrible for their audience, and they don’t want that. But make sure that it’s succinct to the point and speaks to something that you’re in. Consumer is obviously thinking about. Which brings me to my next point. But make sure that headline that first line has to be punchy has to be grabby. Has to pull them in. Okay, um, what was I going to that? Oh, speak to your client’s mindset. Get inside their head. You.

If you’ve been in business at least a few amount of years, chances are, you know, was going on in here. You know their objections. You know, their stories, their struggles, their pains where they worry about what will keep some up late at night. Chances are you’d be should be creating content around that because then that’s how you get them to stop between the headline and the content. Maybe video may be opposed.

It will get them to stop in at least safe 23 seconds. And then they continue to engage with the content. They click on the picture of the click of the video because if you don’t have that, they will keep continue to scroll. So if you’re speaking to their mindset, what’s going on in their head?

They’re going to stop, right? What is that inner dialogue going on in their head? What are there where there were the forces that play that you can speak to? You know, I’m take that angle. Um, next, Um or here’s another angle. It doesn’t always have to be about their pain and struggle. Yes, you want to address that? You want to talk to that? A great thing to think about is your frequently asked questions.

What questions are you always answering Is it a question about price? Is it a question about you know your expertise? Is it a question about you know, who have you helped like? Have you helped anybody with That’s his old is me or that lives in my part of the neighborhood or whatever my education level, I don’t know. But make sure that you’re in their head and you’re speaking to that.

But having said that, it doesn’t have to all be negative. That might be a great way to capture their attention and get them in your audience. It could be fun. It could be lighthearted things that you also know about them. It just keep it light. Be able to take them to this through this relationship in which is, you’re not always just hitting them with pain, pain point, pain point, pain point

Make it fun whenever you can, so that it also becomes a much more share worthy. If the fun, engaging piece of content it’s easier in the share. One thing that I’ve learned in the last few months with a couple of my brands that I managed, including my own, is which is crazy to me because means are like everything we post on online. And as you scroll through your news feed, check this out later.

When you get a moment as you scroll, you’re gonna find that 4/5 of the content 3/5 of the content are means or gifts. Many means likely political. Be life. It could be relationships. It could be you name it. It means it’s means or the one of the craziest phenomenon Samy that we use to communicate with each other and tell a quick story. And you can almost guarantee a laugh.

So try to find a resource. Is that air creating means or yourself create means around popular topics that are popping off like recently, the whole the ladies screaming at the cat thing that it was two different means. But that went viral, and everyone was creating s so many versions of that. And I created a couple for my own brand because it’s like, uh, this is different.

It’s the same as in you’re basically piggy Doctor was trending right now. It’s always a good idea. Piggyback was trending one second. Okay, make sure I’m still not piggyback was trending because then it’s like high on people’s mind is top of mind and just add your angle to it. Add your spin to it. That’s a great way to kind of create some Schumer’s content for your market. Or in my case, I also look for Mima counts around, Um, my my market. Like others marketing names, their dance means there’s obviously political means. There’s means about just everything.

There’s probably legal teams for consumers, for actual people that you want to share with, find them or just create your own. And that’s a nisi relatively easy way to create something a little humorous. So you take people through a different emotional state and that just always hidden with pain. I find that if I include that in my marketing mix and my content mix, it’s incredibly engaging.

And people like I just posted one yesterday and had a lot more people who engage my content because this is a new brand, the TV, the market. Iran is brand new on Instagram. Specifically, I had more people engage with that than any other piece of content.

Instagram is coming around slow, but that content that peace would highly engaging. So do that for yourself and that way you become a much more a richer person. You’re not just someone that’s always tryingto hurt them or remind them of their pains. I said this earlier.

Another wayto another piece of content you could create is sharing story of a recent customers experience taken through that journey that before, in the after working with you what was that like?

What were their objections before they were working with you where they worried about what was the process. And then now where they at now with this will be very specific and saying, make sure that you don’t share before and after pictures.

Well, you can show him. The thing is, you can’t advertise them. So if you know that you want to advertise a piece of content high Tasha Just all yesterday. Good to see you. Thanks for popping in, but what was I saying? Believe me, Deb. Deb. Oh, make sure you don’t share before and after picture. So if you’re trying to help people lose weight, But I’m sure that before and after and know you’re gonna advertise its content because you will get declined. Facebook hates those. It’s against their terms and you will get declined quickly.

All right, Um, here’s another. Here’s ah, big one. It’s a daily generation kind of strategy, which is, if you’re the type of business that can create an offer for people maybe 50% off for this 75% off of that. A free consultation of free 10 day trial yoga studios air real good for that Free consultation were great for attorneys, I will say. Also, as far as attorneys are concerned, depending on the niche, it’s almost mandatory that you have a free consultation. I say that, um, you don’t have to, but because in some industries is just the norm.

If you don’t have a free consultation, you’re advertising or anything you put out well, it will show, obviously, because everyone else’s doing free consultation. So keep that in mind, but free some type of free introductory offer. If you run a bar, a restaurant, maybe a free drink between these times, something crazy, something an irresistible offer that’s a quick way to generate a lead.

This is the critical piece to Lead Generation Strategies is by creating offers that make people say, Damn, I have to take you up on that. Uh huh. If It doesn’t make people feel that way, especially around some of these businesses. Free teeth cleaning.

Um, something A free toothbrush. Do you? Yes. I already hear people like, Well, I don’t want people just come in for the freebies, right? Nobody does. However, this is the quickest way in the easiest way to get as many people into your audience and into your funnel a ce possible. And now they have indicated that there’s interest was up. Two huge. Nurture that relationship. Some of them will flake out. Some of them would just take you up on your free offer. But it is absolutely the best way to start generating a buzz and getting people interested in your stuff.

Ideally, you have a system in place where you get them in for that free offer, and then you sit them down, and then you you off so him on what else they need, right? Um, some people won’t take you up on that. That’s fine. That’s always a really reality of this type of business and in any kind of business and with this type of our strategy.

But enough for them should, if you have systems in place and people in place to be able to up sell them on another other things that they may need. It’s just the lost leader, as we used to say, that the grocery business, you know, you’re giving away eggs for nine cents or pink tiles for two for a dollar. People come in for those, but while they’re in the store where they’re gonna do, they’re gonna buy other stuff because they’re wandering around the store. That’s the idea. Same thing Principal still applies to local marketing businesses. Local. It’s our local businesses, Mom and pops, brick and mortars.

All right, but make sure that is an absolutely irresistible offer, and that’s a way to ensure that your efforts actually pay off. All right, um, so now that you have it, how do you keep it? Well, the quick answer is more of the same at the end of the day. The other big, big concept I want to make sure to touch on that is huge and the whole point of everything that we’re doing by creating all this content that I keep encouraging people to do, I must have already said the word content. At least 100 times and started Annoy me get annoyed when I repeat myself Ah, and use the same words.

But anyways, this the whole point of this video. But the reason that we’re creating all this content is because we’re trying to get trust. We’re tryingto win people’s trust. People would do business with people that they know, like in trust. And you’re trying to create this digitally like I am here with you. I’m trying to create this relationship with you by giving you all this information and build trust that over the course of time, one day, maybe you hire me.

Or maybe you refer me to someone that will hire me because you know that I know my stuff Well, that’s the same thing you’re trying to do with. All this content is over the course of time. People trust you because you’ve proven to them by creating engaging content, you educated and make them feel smarter about the problem they’re going through, making them feel like they’re they know what’s going on with their bodies of a health issue or their teeth or the roof. They’re not going to get ripped off, educating them on things they need to consider before hiring a roof for these air things that will create this trust. That’s what you want. That’s the point of all this in the cells world is. It’s a known fact that people will not.

Majority of people would not take you up on your offer by your thing in that first touch like that Lee generation strategy they’re not gonna buy right away. But if it’s really good, offer enough will that it will make that will make this in the entire campaign a profitable campaign. However, most people will not. In the cells world, they say that it takes the stats show. They’ve done studies on this, that it takes 7 to 8 touches before someone makes a buying decision. 7 to 8 touches most cells people. Most businesses just reach out once or twice Max, and they don’t get past that, and the cells, like 70% of the cells, happened.

The 78th touch with as many going as many as 12 touches so in the off line world in the real world, what traditionally would be done. Maybe you visit their store that get your name, number and email their name and number. That’s one touch. Then they may give you a call.

The follow up there they may send you an email. Then they may send you a postcard. That’s four touches right there. These are all instances for them to reach out to you and remind you that they’re there to help you. Same thing for you. Now we can do this digitally. And that’s how you know. What this content will be useful for is to create those instances for you to continue to stay in front of them. Obviously, it is critical that you the first touches something educational, something you’re giving right, like I spoke up on earlier.

And that makes them want to like your page. Engage with Paige, even if they don’t like your patients, Okay, because you can come back to them with some advertising. When you create an audience around people that have engaged with your page engaged with your ad.

Now you can run an ad with another piece of content like a mean, although means air tough because there’s too much words in it. But another piece of content of story, a great idea would be to create a testimonial video of a client speaking specifically to how you were able to help them taking him through that journey. So Asa Pisa content The point is he has to continue to live with this content and fun stuff. Not once again, everything that I said earlier bring it back down. So now and how do you continue it is by just delivering the same stuff. Make them look forward to hearing from you. Don’t don’t let them unsubscribe from your feel like you’re just annoying them because you’re just always tryingto hit them with an offer.

Don’t always hit him with offer, um, educate them, making fuel like they’re learning something with you. You do that over the course of time, and this is a long term proposition. They will get. Trust will gain your you will gain their trust. I’m trying to say you will gain their trust. They will gain their trust. Sorry, it’s been a long day was upon it. They will trust you, and once you have that and this is cool because it’s happened to me and I know it’s happen with a couple of my client’s where we created some content and they got a person to call them. And that person said that they were referred by someone that watched the video like this, and that person never went to them that Carson that referred have never actually called my client. It was it was a referral. So in essence, this is word of mouth on Lee you’re creating in digitally.

You’re creating through social media, social media content and advertising. It is is word amount. It is still a very viable thing. However, you can start to actually gather it and gain it through your own means. And I’d have to depend on people like hopefully they recline in years and they will refer, you know, they only have to be appliance. They just have to be in the audience that you’re targeting. So I was incredibly credibly cool. But over the you know, if you continue into deliver concept is fine and continue to make offers that he wanted generate business, that’s the whole point. But don’t do it every single time you create a post making engaging, making a mean making a story, making a testimonial video.

Make it something like, “Hey, that’s happened to me today and it was crazy”, let me just share,  be creative. Share your story and something I heard years ago… take him behind the scenes.

What’s it like to work behind the scenes? Share your staff? That’s a great idea. Actually, I didn’t have that in my notes, but share stories of your staff or introduce him to your staff. And we’ll be cool because, say, for example, you’re a dentist office. They will know them digitally. That would virtually no them. So when they walk into your office, there’s a little less intimidation, especially if it’s the first time being there. There’s always this awkward is about what’s the process. But if you see a familiar face, you know it makes the process a lot easier. Makes that experience a lot richer.

So that’s something to consider. All right, Um, see here. That’s it. I thought I had a little more, but that’s it. Now you know why it’s important. Why getting attention is important.

Where is it where you can go if Facebook goes, um, how to get it and how to keep it and ultimately, why is important, obviously, to get attention, Getting attention is important But the big reason why is to gain trust. Um, my name is TV.

The marketer you can find me at www dot rock star dot marketing said I help businesses generate leaves exposure and revenue by creating thank you by creating engaging content regeneration strategies like I spoke on earlier. Um, and just helping businesses grow. That’s something you’re interested in. Feel free to message me also, we will be here once again next Tuesday at 11 p.m. 11. I’ve been having trouble with days yesterday, yesterday at an event where I kept saying, Come back on December 6. I’m in January. Next Tuesday at 11 a.m. I will be here. You have any questions? Feel free to message me. Yes.

This will go to the YouTube channel. Uh, here in the next hour or so, Um, feel free to message me with any questions that you want me to answer directly on the show. I appreciate you look for me on iTunes Spotify search. Cool. Wow. Google search TV.

The market on those channels, a cz well is on youtube to find this video replay of this video. A swell is the audio. Uh, Yeah, it did. Rice. Tasha was there, So yes, I’ll Spotify and Apple podcast search team to the market. You’ll find me there.

Same thing on YouTube and, of course, on Facebook teams the marketer to find the replay as well. It’s the stay in touch. Stay engaged. Content will continue to share valuable information. Um, think next week I have a couple of cool things like strategic things that you can do tow. Try to generate more revenue for your business and more exposure. So stay tuned in.

Make sure you share this video. If you found it insightful and your colleagues or fellow business owners could find this beneficial, they will. I would really appreciate it until then. Have a great day. And remember, if you’re in business and if you’re not marketing effectively and efficiently, are you really in business? Thank you for tuning into the third episode of the TV marketing show Tune in next week for the next episode. If you’re on Apple podcast, please do us a favor subscribed as well as they leave us a review.

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Talk to you soon. My name is Teevee and you’ve just been ROCKED!