Internet Safety for Our Children on Telemundo 39 (In Spanish)

It was an honor to be invited bu Telemundo 39 a to discuss an important topic.

With all the craziness going on with all the hoaxes that are aimed at kids, it’s even more important than ever to be careful on the internet.

More importantly, we need to start talking to our kids about the dangers online NOW.

Despite the internet’s ability to be a powerful resource and teach so many positive things to our kids, the reality is that there are also many things to be aware of that could put your kids’ in danger.

We as adults and parents need to be more vigilant on what access our children to have & understand how to use privacy controls. Learn how to use all the social media platforms to have more educated conversations.

Google launched a phenomenal initiative to help talk to your kids about the internet called “Be Internet Awesome”.

It’s a great resource with tips on how to navigate yourself online. I invite adults (and educators) to go through the content and have that conversation with your young ones.

I truly believe it is as important as the “birds and the bees”. Perhaps even more important because they have devices in their hands at a very young age.

Go forth and Be Internet Awesome!