Teevee the Marketer: Weekly Marketing Show EP 2 | December 10, 2019

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of the Teeve Marketing Show hosted by Teevee the Marketer. (I’m so clever)

In today’s episode we talk about:
1. My journey into creating a new podcast from scratch after issuing myself a challenge to myself last week.
2. IGTV – Why you should use now and post content there.
3. The single biggest reason I love Facebook Ads and you should too.
And why most people lose money and think they don’t work.

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👉New Political Ad Policies Video


The website I love to learn anything but most recently to learn how to edit podcasts and make them pop.

👉Facebook Creator Studio

For posting and scheduling posts on Facebook & Instagram (including IGTV). Such a timesaver.

👉BuzzSprout Podcast Hosting
(affiliate link- we both can get $20 Amazon Card if you like it and sign up)

For hosting your podcast. Love this platform and the ease to create a new podcast and syndicate to all the major platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify, Iheart)


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Hello everyone. My name is Teevee The Marketer.

Today you’re turning into Episode two of the Teevee Marketing Show. In today’s episode, we talked about my journey into creating a brand new podcast from scratch, especially after issuing and a challenge to myself last week.  I’m going in deep on a IGTV on the importance of IGTV, especially as we move forward into the future.

And lastly, I talk about Facebook ads and the number one reason why I love them so much little secret. They want you to succeed. So with no further ado, let’s go ahead and get into the podcast. Blew everyone. I was everyone doing this lovely day or into the future.

Whatever you do, watch this. Um, my name is Teevee The Marketer from www.Rockstar.Marketing. Yes, there’s a website I own that isn’t that cool today.

Maybe I’ll be sharing the news, especially relevant stuff. That small business owners should be aware of and how it made impact them and changes. They should be aware that they need to be and how they pardon me. I’m sometimes all the changes that are happening that they may impact them and what they need to do and consider moving forward.

All right, In today’s episode, we’re gonna discuss a handful of things. One is my podcast. For those that may have tuned in last week, I told you that I was gonna grab this broadcast every week and are in the with the idea of repurpose ing the contents of that way. Hey, I have a Facebook Facebook live video posted on my Web site. I mean, on the Facebook. Then I wanted to grab the audio from that and repurpose it and put it in as a podcast Already had. The podcast is easy. I should just plug it into my podcast platform posted on my Web site.

They get syndicated to the Internet to Google podcast Apple Park. Ask all that good stuff. But then I discovered that my podcast was broken when I moved my website a couple years ago from Dallas Marketing rock star dot com to rock star Dot marketing. The podcast itself broke. Now if I were the podcast from Within Dallas marketing rock star, it would work. However, Lewin forward.

I wanted to start marketing and branding myself as rock started marketing. So what ended up happening is I had to create a podcast from scratch. Someone’s in the house, Lou, he said. It was in the house anyways, So what I end up having to do was create a podcast from scratch. Number one. I had to remember how to create a podcast because this actual audio is goes straight into another recorder.

I don’t want it to be cleaner audio for people that wanted to listen to it. They can actually enjoy it and have a little left of the hissing. Especially imposed. I would remove hissing or remove some of the stuff that, um, could be a little annoying when you’re listening to it right here when you’re working out or when you’re in your car. So I had to actually really learn how to do that, and I’ve done that several times.

Always forget how to do it. Luckily, have AA membership to a website that is dedicated to teaching you about anything that you can imagine, including podcasting. That’s how I learned a lot of stuff. I just go out and hunt for it, and I figure it out.

Skillshare.com are include a link to the actual podcast. So the actual podcasting show learning class in the show notes and in the description, if you’re interested in that. So it took a while and that that wouldn’t is dead. Pardon me.

That class and dedicated to showing you how to make your podcast a little cleaner I want to create high quality stuff is very important to me. Um, but once I did that, do you realize that I needed to figure out, uh, where I was gonna host? It was like I said, my website was broken. I have a hosting down for my personal podcast, and I wanted to check out somebody else. And after some research, I ended up going with buzz Sprout bus sprout. I think dot com I’m included Lee to that as well. Um, creating a podcast could be a little tedious and involved.

Not complicated, if you know what you’re doing. And you you’re always playing with computers and doing things like that. But I realized that it could be involved. I learned that it could be involved. But over the years since I really was podcasting a little more aggressively, Um, Buzzsprout has taken off and I subscribed to it and posted my park after yesterday and starting the whole process of the linking into Spotify, Apple, Google. When is this Alexa?

And that made it so easy. It’s really user friendly. I loved it. I highly recommend it Looks that include a link in the show description and everywhere. Eh? So if you want to create a podcast for yourself, I would hide it. How you had recommended they take in a lot of the complications that used to be around a couple years ago and made it easier for you to create a podcast for yourself. Really, really graphically rich, easy to use. I was totally blown away by it. And where they recommend it to anyone now immediately, like glassy really months ice I issued.

I told him to connect me to smart a fire. Within five minutes, I was approved and you can now find me on Spotify by just searching TV the marketer. You’ll find me there. First episode is already up. Google Apple. Those are gonna take a little more time. I said I got an approval letter for Alexa. I’m pointing over here because I have my lecture right there. Hopefully she’s not listening when she probably is listening. Right. Um but that’s gonna take a little more time to get approved and actually be put up. But find me on Spotify. You don’t need to worry about all the links. I will include them. But if you ever want to listen to it, I’ll have links to it on my website Podcast page www dot rock star dot marketing.

All right, um so that’s is that we’re just happened. My lighting, That’s that. I’m excited about it because it has allowed me to create more content. I now looking to find people to interview I’ll be sharing more information there, but more than anything, the most consistent product, the most consistent audio that you will hear there is the audio from these these podcast from these episodes.

So if you’re not into watching me and my pretty face in your face, feel free to subscribe, listen to it on Spotify. Listen to it on iTunes or Apple when that’s available. All right, next. Um, over the course of the last week, there has been no major new updates on the platforms. Nothing crazy that, like the sky, is falling that you need to be aware of as a small business owner. Um, which is great right now, this is a good week. Sometimes there’s some major changes. Facebook, for example, a few weeks ago, did the whole political add change.

There’s still a lot of controversy about that. They’re trying to tighten it to where it is more difficult to advertise. If you’re not legitimately from this country or from the country that you’re trying to advertise politically, they’re trying to give transparency that you know, that if you were seeing an ad who is promoting that ad, if it’s a political issue, So that was one major big change that had its own video that I created for a few weeks back before I started doing the show, Um, but nothing major has happened this week s oh, that’s good. If anything comes up, I’ll make sure it included in the next episode.

There’s a lot of things going on obviously. But nothing major that you need to be aware, however, still have stuff to talk about. So the next topic and the next thought I wanted to share with you is I g t V. If you’re not doing it well, first of all, for those that don’t know, I g t v is instagram television. It is a feature within the instagram app that allows you to post long form content. In fact, you can’t post anything under a minute. How do I know? I tried. I tried everything. I try to pose like a 58 seconds for the second video there and they just wouldn’t allow it because they want long form content. This is where Instagram is trying to go head to head to head with YouTube at trying to appeal who have content creators and long form content there. They want it there. However, they obviously got a big battle because YouTube is just has everyone’s attention when it comes to that kind of content.

The entertaining stuff that shows the the these kinds of things are there and has been since they launched it. They expected, and I expected it to be much bigger, but there was some limitations because of the way that they structured it. Um, for one, it was difficult to upload. You couldn’t. They hid the actual upload button. It was just hard. Upload is clunky. They fixed that and I’ll talk about a little bit about what? They’ve changed drastically here this week that I want to talk about. I’ll talk about that here in a second. They also initially wanted you to just have vertical videos. And given that is a vertical platform, that’s just it makes sense. They wanted really you to create content in the vertical platt from the vertical form standard. But I guess over the course of the last year or so since it launched, they had heard a

Hey, Jonathan. Yes, perfect. Look forward to it. Let me know if you have any questions or having the input. I would love to hear about it, but I have a good day

Um, so the the ah, the Instagram videos had to be vertical. And then the last couple of months, it changed it to where you were allowed to create horizontal, which is this size that you see here, um they started like people do. They started get creative with it because they did not. Some people didn’t want to have to create a brand new video. And that was the complication. Is that you as a creator or marketer, an advertiser would have to handcraft video. Either you shoot it vertical and you shoot a horizontal. It just added expense in time to the to the creation of concepts. And some people would just crop their videos vertically. Actually, I did from time to time to just get the action. Like I would crop me here if I was to post this video on Instagram. But then you would remove the context of because I shoot this way for the most part.

Then you would not see this. But what that they then changed recently is the oh so wanted to say What content creators did is they would give you that prompt to twist the phone, to turn the phone this way or this way. So that what you would still see their content the way they originally designed it. I love people because we love the hack things and try toe, avoid work if we have to and just find ways around the system. Obviously, it’s gonna saw that. And now you can post the videos horizontal if you choose when When it ah posted.

When it shows initially it’ll be tall and I’ll show the video here horizontally and you hit a little button, make it blow up, and now you can turn it and you see the whole thing Good for them That made it easier for people to create just post the content that they already had Maybe shot for the website shot for YouTube. Now that close to 90 TV Um, the complication that they had.

What was it? Give me a second look at my notes. Oh, it was just this indication of it. You have to go find it. Either you have to be part of the audience within Instagram that people would already kind of get a notification that you have a new GT episode. Um, but that became really difficult. And when they started what they did to try to get more people watch him because that’s the key is the discovery ability. If you’re content can’t be discovered on these platforms that it makes him really, really hard and that’s where you two kicks ass.

If you’re watching videos about video editing, this is me. I watch videos about video editing. I’m going to get recommended videos from that content. Creator may be watching in that moment other videos, but they will also recommend videos from other content creators that are relevant to the video that I’m watching. So the discovery ability is sky high makes it really easy to then get lost in the rabbit hole. That is YouTube.

You could end up watching you watch a video about marketing, and next thing you know, you’re watching CAT videos because you followed the rabbit hole. Um, but that is women things Instagram TV initially had complications with. So one of the first things that they did that I really appreciate it is that they added, I’ve seen videos to the Discover tab.

It hit the little magnifying glass on the on the APP. You can now see IGTV. IGTV videos there that are recommended by the algorithm based on your activity. If you’re into marketing videos, you’re going to see it there. If you just sports, you’re gonna see ESPN or some random content creator content there that you may be interested in the idea TV be posed to the store. I don’t think they do stories. Um, they could do videos from other people within that stuff that you’re interested in. Excuse me. So that started to raise more attention and raise the usage of the idea TV videos. And the other thing that they did is that they gave you an option to actually post it in your feet s so it could be posted when you posted. You know, I did TV video.

You click that little button and you say you want a post it in your feet. So therefore, it starts to show to people that follow you, Um, that we have a new post, right? We have a united TV video so great all these things we are raising the usage and the viewership of your videos, which is what they want. They needed to become much more dominant, anticipated in the future. If it works, which I think it will, they have over a 1,000,000,000 users now, and it is the among teens and twentysomethings. There’s a preferred platform. So that’s the reason you should be doing I t t V. You shouldn’t be doing instagram in general. Then I d TV videos because that demographic is using it there.

The people that are aging and actually using the concept. Facebook used to be the same thing. He used to be exclusively for college kids, college campuses and eventually people age. And then you grab my going on your mom like them were all there. That’s Instagram Reno. It is still new, and the people were there. I’m there. So even us old people were there, but predominantly is 20 somethings and teens. So get in there, start posting content, especially your longer form content, especially. I seem to be using especially a lot right now.

I hate when I noticed that. Anyways, um, as this people age up, you want to have already have a little real estate in their mind. They know you. They like you and they can appreciate You’re welcome. They trust their right. Um, so the last The big news, as far as I’m concerned, is it involves with G t. V is that they made it easier to upload. Remember I told you earlier that it used to be tucked away inside a little button and then you go to I d TV channel. Basically, you see everybody you’re subscribed to, then you would have to find the little plus button kind of tucked away. It just made a company used to be complicated. Now, on the latest update, um, are in this and that it wasn’t widespread. Took a walk for a couple of my accounts to actually get the feature. You can post it like you regularly would post anything else.

So you post a photo would post the video. You hit that little plus sign it, plus sign if you try. If you select something over a minute long, it will ask you where you want to post it. So in that moment, you can choose regular post if it’s under two minutes, I believe, and especially if it’s over two minutes than you have to post a IGTV. Because you can’t post anything longer than that posted on IGTV. You go through the whole process, you give it a title. Obviously, given the title description, um, thumb now he posted it be gone is done. It’s so much easier. But wait I haven’t even easier for him for you to post your IGTV videos.

You ready? Perfect. So the bigger better Wait A post, which I started using in the last month or so when I finally got to poke it in. This a little platform? Um, is Facebook has a tool called to give me a moment.

Where to go? I always forget Creator Studio. It’s on your desktop and especially as it relates to is I G TV videos, which are longer, bigger files. Chances are they’re probably on your laptop or your computer if you have someone edited for you. So they’re on your laptop. However, because Instagram is purely a a phone app, they want youto They have wanted you to upload everything from your phone.

You can even create an account without a phone. You can’t create an account, actually can create them, but you can’t post stuff you couldn’t post stuff from your desktop. Well, if you have a business account on this tied to your Facebook, you can now create a studio, allows you to upload your content posts, and this is the important thing. Um, did you i d TV videos you can post Isay TV videos directly within your desktop because in the current way of doing things say you have this longer videos over 100. Meg’s 200 video on your desktop that you may have produced have someone produced for you. You have to put that over to your phone, send it to your phone one way or another.

Dropbox it. Airdrop it and then you composed it via the app to instagram opinion. Yes, it’s too much. So what the Creator studio allows you to do is to post it directly from your desktop to your INSTAGRAM account. And here’s the kicker. This is the reason I really like it. You can schedule it, so when you sit down one day a week, hopefully your scheduling things that well, you’re not beating your brain every day, trying to think of new content and post in that moment, you can now schedule schedule Facebook post and videos.

You can schedule Instagram Posts and I G TV videos at scheduling and post them from there from your desktop. Um, however, you can’t post the only thing you can’t post either Facebook or instagram or stories. I imagine that. That’s because they want you to post it in the moment. Vertical. Um, you can’t post stories, uh, which is unfortunate, but hey, whatever. As long as I can post these longer videos that are big files are highly recommended. I’ll include a link in the description later and in the show notes. But if you’re not using it, use it.

Make sure you have to tie in. Eunice, you’re gonna count and make sure you have a business instagram account and tie it into your Facebook account. And it’s easy peasy and you can manage all your pages if he if he or someone that has a ton of pages and it’s our accounts, you can actually manage it from there, and it’s It’s ah, really user friendly gives you stats on dhe.

They’re still upgrading it, but I love what it is now simply because you can post I D. TV videos and everything that you you can do now with Instagram, including suggestions on tags you can tag people, is as if you’re on instagram. Okay, use it. You’ll feel it’ll relieve a little bit of tension around getting that stuff posted. The last thought I had around I g t v is for me. I love it. It’s great.

I know that it’s something that into the future will be better as they keep rolling it out of the usage gets higher and higher. But to me, it’s gonna be even much more powerful when they allow us to put place abs into instagram Um, the instagram HGTV section. Uh, whatever. Um, right now, there is no abs. But in my opinion, everything that Facebook instagram does this great new avenues to place ads as it is right now, the news feed in Facebook is clogged up. There’s a lot of abs. They’re running out of real estate.

There’s so many people advertising. There’s just they can’t do it without. They can’t put more abs in there without taking away from the user experience. So what have they done? They have a watch. Tap videos on your Facebook, and within there you can advertise within watch they have you can advertise with in Your message is right. You can advertise in messenger.

You can advertise and I think that groups is not an option yet, but I heard that they were supposed to release that you can advertise in groups if you have completely sure you can advertise on people’s websites because if they are in the network, the audience network. But when we’re able to advertise with an INSTAGRAM, especially as usage goes up, it will be a game changer for me. Some people obviously poo poo on it, but at the same time it’s a free platform and attention and more attention is there. The more IGTV video ads will be useful.

I really hope that they figure that out, Um, and that they figure video ad as in general placement inside the videos right now, I really do hate it. I don’t like putting the ads and videos on I G. T. V or do it on YouTube all day long. Our I mean on the Facebook videos. I won’t I don’t like Facebook video ads inside of other people’s content. YouTube is has figured that out. Facebook not so much hate when they interrupted, but when they figure it out, I think it’s gonna be phenomenal.

So as my last thought on that, get in there poster content, it’s ah, it’s going to be in your best interest to start investing a little time into it. I’ve made a little easier. Just know that is they’re not giving up on that. And it za great product. I like it so more. People just prefer to be on instagram that on Facebook.

So go to where people are. So we’re attention is all right. That’s that. Any questions? We will continue. Did it? What do you do?

All right, so, um last big topic for the day. And I wanted to talk about why One of the biggest, biggest reasons why a little Facebook ads. I’m an ad guy. Just real quick back story. I’ve been doing marketing for going on 11 years, um, and started doing marketing CEO Anything you can imagine a Ron marketing I would do on over the years of doing what I do, I realize that the best way to really time most time effective way and even money of many efficient, wayto market it’s just buy ads. Sorry.

Heard a noise to buy ads by as on YouTube buys on instagram to just pay these platforms and Google pay these platforms to show your ad. You’re content. Whatever your message in front of the people that are most likely to to be responsive to it. Um, in my opinion, is just the most time efficient way to go about it. Obviously, it takes money, but your time is money like you can create a piece of content like on YouTube and hope that somebody finds it, or you just create that content and put some ads behind it, and then people will see it almost immediately.

If you’re willing to pay for it right, it’s just me is the most efficient way. So a lot of my content, a lot of my messaging revolves around that. I am an ad guy because I just It’s just it’s a beautiful thing. People are there and the obviously people hate ads. I get that. A lot of people hate outs, but if it’s something that the individual is already in the market for interested in there gonna be more receptive to it, it’s almost like it’s not an ad. It is something of service, something the valley. That’s the way I see my ads and the ads for my clients, and that’s something obtrusive.

I’m just interrupting them. Maybe that has nothing to do with an individual, then? Yeah, ads can suck. But if it’s something relevant, something in line with what they’re already wanting interested in there, more than likely at least gonna be interested in it. It’s not as annoying and a nuisance. Um, that’s my angle. That going at it now, back to when I was gonna say, Why do I love Facebook at so much?

Well, they are actively looking to optimize for what you were targeting. Where’s that mean? So if you need traffic to your website, they are gonna optimize you Say you want traffic to your website. You want women between 25. 50 The live in Dallas. You choose that in your ad and and you choose the objective of traffic, they will optimize. They will try to find people in that market that are more than likely gonna click on add to visit a website there between the ages of 25 50 and live in Dallas. Think about that.

They’re gonna look for that actively. Who in their entire network has shown a propensity, ah, likelihood to click on add to visit a website. That’s what they’re gonna optimize. Their algorithm will search for those people. Now they have a learning stage. So after I think they have, like, 50 activities or 100 activities, people that actually do it, they then the algorithm is actively learning. Looking toe learn.

Sorry, my window, but one second I don’t blow it up. Um, after they have after a testing phase, you say your initial couple of days or week, depending on how much money you’re spending, and they have enough activity for that specific objective. The less a 50 website clicks, they will look at the data there. Look actively looking at the data of those individuals that clicked and figure out what is common with him and try to find more people like that. Think about that for a second. It’s really important they will optimize consistently. The algorithm is optimizing to find more people just like that, within that pool of 25 50 women between 25 50 in Dallas that are interested in yoga pants. I know that silly, but maybe you you have a yoga studio.

So everything just living yoga equipment, they’re going to be interested in your yoga studio, although everyone where is yoga pants? Anyways? The point being is, it’s gonna optimize for that. So what are the objectives? Are there? There’s video views. Perhaps you have a video that you record it that you want to get traction for. You want to get views to, they’re gonna optimize.

They’re gonna look for people in that audience that have a propensity to watch videos, event responses. They’re gonna look for people that are likely to go to these two shades to say that they’re interested are going to events in this market. They’re actively looking for that. And as a gains, traction and people are clicking like a better example would be engagement. I use engagement a lot for my ads. They’re gonna try to find people.

So you have what engagement is is you have a post on your on your Facebook page, supposed that it could be a video as well, and you select engagement as an objective. You want people to engage in that piece of content, the algorithm is gonna go find people between 25 50 between 25 50 in dollars, with an interest in yoga pants that are likely to like comment or share, and they’re gonna do that actually keep finding people like that in which was what that looks good for. Your ad is people come to that that post. Oh, my goodness.

It’s getting a lot of youse get a lot of engagement. What’s up with this ad? It shows a lot of social proof. Is a great piece of wayto advertised. Excuse me. So Facebook is actively doing that point being is they want you to succeed. They wanna deliver people to you. They’re wanting to feel that will do this thing you’re asking them to do. Another one is liking your page.

Maybe have a facebook like campaign. You want to increase the likes of your page. They’re gonna look for people women between 25 $15 like yoga pants and, like, toe like stuff like pages. How awesome is that? Not only they’re gonna look for them initially, but they’re gonna keep the algorithm is gonna keep warning. Who is doing it and therefore, find more people like that mind blowing. They want you to succeed. Now the question that arises.

Well, TV Then why’s my ad not working? When I do advertise, why’s it not working well? Could be a handful of things one could be. Just don’t have enough money invested into it. Um and you’re not doing it consistently. You’re not advertising with a large enough budget. Maybe you’re you have too many qualifiers. Maybe you want the between five women between 25 50 in dollars that have Children that live in this particular neighborhood that then you layer too many interests and too many demographic details in it.

And now the the amount of people that are actually interested in that could be interesting. That was like, this much that could be one on being Your budget could be small. So combined with that, it’s like you’re not gonna get enough exposure. Not enough people are gonna get a chance to see that, But I think the biggest likelihood is that your ad is not very good. Your piece of content is not very good. It’s not relevant to that market. Um, I have found and this is ah, video. Wanna post? Eventually, I have found that when it comes to marketing and advertising the actual advertising piece, like going to Facebook and saying I want these people, um, and advertises that is actually like 20% of the process.

The biggest part of the process to making a create a kn effective ad is the message in Is the creative the video, the image, the copy. What are you saying? Harry is saying it. Are you saying something of value? Are you communicating? Engine that really appeals to someone getting their attention. Get making them stop in that moment, that there scrolling Chances are you’re not. I consulted with many clients and seeing their ads, and I just see ads come through in the crap because they’re just random. Like, they just have nothing to say to me.

So I keep scrolling, but their paints, money and their likelihood is that they’re gonna walk away with a bitter taste because there wasn’t any results or any results. Um, and I could go down a rabbit hole of different topics here, but they’re not saying anything value. They’re not giving anything. They’re not communicating anything. And especially on social media, you have to be You have to stop people from continuing the scrolls because it is all we’re doing. We’re just We’re just a little scrolling. Zombies, right. Thumb, thumb, scroll, scroll, scroll.

So if you don’t stop and get their attention. Number one, you’re not gonna They’re not gonna convert. Then I’m gonna call you. They’re not gonna visit your website. They’re not gonna engage in that. It’s not worth stopping for, But you have to think about this. You always have to engage people by entertaining them once you get there. If you’re able to stop them and their ideas and we talk about that some other time, what’s to stop them? You have to entertain them, get to give them something, something that makes them feel like they just learn something.

Want something new, make them go. What will stop people, you know, kids and puppies and cats, little babies, puppies and cats. Those things will stop people all the time and it’ll make some and then I’ll keep strolling. Point is, that’s the kind of stuff you wanted, like something that will stop and make them pay attention and then consume your content. Tell him a story. A video. I don’t know, whatever make I do know. But that’s it’s a topic for some other time. They want to make sure you’re engaging with them. And if your ads aren’t working chances arguing that or you don’t have an offer.

Say you’re I don’t know you’re a chiropractor or your dentist on and you say, Hey, we’re great. Dentist were in your area. We’ve been here for 20 years. Come check us out. Sorry, That doesn’t speak to me. Um, now, what if he had a killer offer? What do you have? Ah, funny video. A video of you, you know, just sharing a personality like, Hey, I’m the coolest dentist in town. I don’t know, um, or just a just a great offer. That’s where offers are critical. If you have, like, a free cleaning and who knows what in a toothbrush, a free toothbrush.

Get them in the door, right. And then they become lifelong clients. If you do a great job, that will get them to stop. But if they’re not clicking on your ad, if they’re not engaging with your addict and I’m doing any of these things, it’s not Facebook is really not Facebook. It’s you. Is you sorry? I mean, is you, um just things that consider I really think that’s important because too many people like Facebook sucks. It doesn’t work well. No, I actually does his job just Is this a machine for me? It wants they as a as an organization.

We want you to succeed. Even it’s $5 a day, $1 a day. They want every dollar you got. But if you do it right, you have a great piece of content. You will get them to stop. You will get them to engage. And you can build a relationship that they will then hire you, are coming to you or visit you. Whatever you’re you’re in. Gold is so think about that. All right, Um see her Think I covered everything I wanted there, Um, the last piece of that is I do want to say it’s for his Facebook Lee. The algorithm and optimization is you have to let it learn because every time you make a change, say, for example, you have a piece of content and then you change the ad or you change the creative well, then the learning process starts over.

And it’s not to say that you are not going to get likes and comments and all that, or you’re not gonna get clicks if it’s a good engaging at, um, but now the optimization has to start over the learning phase. They literally call it a learning face on Gwen. When you log into Facebook, ad manager is it will tell you it’s in the learning things that they added that in the last few months, which I thought was cute as to let you know, Don’t do anything cause we’re learning right now. And it tells you how many things many actions have been taken in that learning stage. Okay, um, that’s it for today. I want to let you know. Also, I’ll be dropping a new video tomorrow. Um, one of my better produced videos.

I want to try to drop one of those every week to a Facebook, live every week, do the podcast every week and just have another stuff every week. Just have consistent content being posted out there, and hopefully you’re realizing what the pattern is here is content. Will will make you stand out. Hopefully, this is making me stand out, but new video dropping tomorrow. Look for that. Um, if you have any questions, feel free to send him to me. I’ll make sure to answer them live either asking questions here. Do you have questions. I see.

I have many people were in here. Oh, you and bye bye. You have people. Anyways, if you were here, you would I would be happy to answer questions live if you like. Just messaged me on the page. If you have questions you like for me to answer on the show, I would absolutely do. So, um, make sure you share this with your friends or colleagues that could be better in business dances, chiropractors help everyone. And this information is universal.

If you yourself need some help with your marketing, hit me up. Get me up. Hey, Marissa. Um, holler at me. Message media me. Send me a pigeon. Love to hear from you. Um, no question is perfect, but you’re smart, you know? Everything already. All right. Uh, on Remember, if you’re in business and you’re not marketing effectively and consistently, are you really in business? Just think about that. Uh, have a great day. I hope to see you next week, and we’ll talk soon back. Thank you for tuning in again.

My name is Teevee the Marketer.  You could find me a www.rockstar.marketing. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast. Leave us a review. Would love to hear from you Opportunity live on Facebook If you have any questions that you would like for us to answer I appreciate you until next time you have just been a rock.