Snapchat Is No Longer Just a Kids Toy

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Remember how people used to make fun of FB and how it would never be profitable and had no use for business purposes?

Remember how only the kids were using it and no one besides college students were allowed to join?

Now grandma and all our family members are on it… including you and I who “never would get on FB”

Since those days, FB has become one of the most powerful ad platforms to target potential customers for almost any business.

Well, snapchat is something you need to start becoming familiar with NOW. Especially now that with their latest update…. Snapchat may very soon become the default chat/phone platform for millions and millions of people.

Think: newspapers, radio, television, youtube, google. All of these have had massive audiences and ATTENTION!

Wherever you have attention, you will have profit potential. Get on snapchat now and start to learn how to use it. Add me: HDTeevee
Just wait until they launch their own advertising platform. It’s coming. They have to monetize eventually.

More content from me will be coming soon on how to use it and start sharing your message.

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